Facebook Comes with Friends Tracking Apps


Facebook Comes with Friend Tracking Apps


Facebook a social networking site. Now facebook developer develops new apps for our users. Facebook Tracking Friend finder app is new update by facebook.

facebook friend Tracking app

Facebook Trying to benefit with the growing of Smartphone users.  Currently Facebook work on developing all new application for tracking purpose. It is beneficial for every user. With the help of this apps user can tracked our friend very easily and tracked friend location.

Facebook says,” We are very close and new application released in mid-march. Apps is designed to run in backend even user not open the headset. The report is apps is quite similar to Google Tracking App. In addition, service are too similar with apple’s find my friend service.

facebook Friend places finder

The past couple of years Facebook bought location tracking social network. the ‘Find Friends Nearby’ service that used GPS to locate users and inform their friends location.

Facebook’s latest mobile offerings like Poke and newer features in the Messenger app. End of the January facebook announced Q4 earnings call

Facebook CEO “Mark-Zuckerberg”, says, “There’s no argument, Facebook is a Social mobile network company.” In addition, it proves that Facebook is the top application in the US, beating Google Maps. In all over countries 23 percent people spend most of the time on facebook.



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