EA denies that den for dead to Nintendo


EA denies that den for dead to Nintendo


From the editor belie alleged statements of an anonymous member of the company who carried hard against Nintendo.

EA denies that "den for dead" to Nintendo
EA denies that “den for dead” to Nintendo

Yesterday we gathered information in an anonymous member of the American publisher EA allegedly stated that they “Wii U was soon dead.” One reason is claiming that it was a system designed just for children, a market in which the publisher did not have an excessive interest. These statements have not only hurt the fan, but also the American editor itself which has just officially pronounce regarding these statements.

Peter Moore , chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, has come to his official Twitter account to deny that such statements were true. The executive has reaffirmed its commitment to Nintendo, noting that it should not rely on anonymous sources: “Nintendo is a great partner for us and we have never been dead, nor will they be for EA.”

The information was conducted by the British middle CVG, which is also spoken, clarifying that the information disseminated was true, and that came from a member of Electronic Arts. Now it remains to see if the member was just a programmer, which would dilute the importance to the matter, or of any officer of high places. What we are certain are the facts, and now EA does not have any games in development for Wii U.

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