Dollar Dash will hit PSN March 19


Dollar Dash will hit PSN March 19


Dollar Dash will hit PSN March 19
Dollar Dash will hit PSN March 19

Developers ‘Dollar Dash’, Candigum Games have announced that the title will also be released on Sony platforms via PlayStation Network, on March 19. The game, which has been available on Xbox Live and Steam since 6 March, will have a price of $ 9.99 (7.64 euros at current exchange rates).

‘Dollar Dash’ was scheduled for release in October last year, but nobody seems to remember, largely because of the incredible success that is reaping the game. Audiences and critics have surrendered at the feet of this entertaining action-adventure title. Who said there are no games like they used to?

‘Dollar Dash’ is a game for all full public mood

The biggest attraction of ‘Dollar Dash’ is its gameplay. It’s a fun, very dynamic, with a look of the most original title as they command a lot of, a lot of humor.

In it, we have to help some funny animated thieves to perpetrate their thefts drawing, and escape before the police show up. To do this, we will help the most extravagant weapons and the most unlikely vehicles. creativity and originality in the service of a gaming experience that leaves no one indifferent.

‘Dollar Dash’ is a fast-paced multiplayer that allows up to four players interact. has 18 maps, countless weapons, highly customizable and totally hilarious tactics. going, everything you need to give a memorable blow and have a good time.

The PSN game will be available from March 19 in North America, but we do not go to take to make the jump to Europe. Meanwhile, we will comply with the gameplays that we can find the track on the Internet, like this that I leave here. Looks good right?


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