CloudMagic Best Mail application on Android


CloudMagic Best Mail application on Android

Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, iCloud. Everything manageable from CloudMagic.




Gmail experience on Android is perhaps the best of any other mobile platform. And expected, Android is Google, after all, as is Gmail. But when it comes to other email applications, many of them are very poor. A clear example? Outlook, the official application for Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook, it seems more a way to entice users to jump to Android for Windows Phone by the terrible experience that a real effort to app. And not to mention if you have an iCloud (or account, since Apple never bother to get an application for the platform competition.

Fortunately, there are many alternative options. And all of which have proven to alternative mail services, CloudMagic I found the best. Centre CloudMagic, we have support for Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps accounts, Office 365 or any other mail service work with IMAP. And all presented in an attractive and easily.

In fact, over time I finished in preference to the official Gmail app. Besides allowing me to check my account in Outlook and Yahoo (yes, Mock if you want, yet the use and pretty), I can also check your Gmail, plus better tools and filter settings. Thanks to a unified Inbox, I can see messages from all accounts. And the app works with CloudMagic account (I checked just configure one of the email accounts used), notifications have “Push” for new mails notifying them just arriving.

What surprises me, is that it is fast CloudMagic search engine. Despite having three annexed accounts (out of 5) CloudMagic starts showing search results immediately.


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