Cases in Tamil Nadu are declining, but new concerns about COVID19 have emerged.


Cases in Tamil Nadu are declining, but new concerns about COVID19

The DMK’s ruling even argued that the country controlled by the People’s Party received the extra dose and needed to allocate a large amount of the full dose in order to carry out the so-called imbalance correction. Chennai: Amid the renewed focus on Tamil Nadu, health officials stated that after the number of daily coronavirus cases has dropped sharply from the second wave of approximately 36,000 cases per day at the peak of the second wave, the state is facing residents’ resistance to vaccines. Some kind of indifference. Now it cannot reach the year 2000. In , although the state received more than 4 doses of 100,000 doses on Monday, the average daily dose in the past week was 2.23 million doses.

What is even more shocking is that only 37% of the population was vaccinated with Covid doses, and a small number of people were vaccinated Over 8 doses, every 2%, everyone got it. The dosage, many of them did not reach the national average. Countries have the capacity to vaccinate 800,000 vaccines per day, but more than 500,000 in a single day. The state has deficit coverage in July. The DMK decision even argued that the states controlled by the BJP received more doses and required a special allocation of high total doses to correct the so-called imbalance.

Health Minister Erving Solon told: “Before we tended to control numbers, there is now a little immunogenic indifference. The current delivery is not a problem. As we get more supplies, we will organize more.” About On the measures being taken to combat indifference, Dr. Radhakrishnan added that in addition to raising awareness, “we are now using voter rolls in every region and sharing this feature is available with those who are willing, you must take advantage of it. ” in In terms of vaccination rates, the city is far ahead of the rest of the state. In order to make sure that the weakest people will not stand idly by, Chennai’s largest company is trying to reach the 200,000 people living in the slums that were the focus of the first wave. In Ejil Nagar, a slum in the TI corridor, the company brought a young man to take the first shot.

He said: “I was a bit scared before, so I didn’t get vaccinated. Now the government is raising awareness. The officers have also gone home. If I do this, my people will have the confidence to visit the vaccinated. District Doctor KT Shanti said: “The slums are overcrowded. We have to solve this demographic problem. We usually set a goal of 600 people per day or 700 people (people to be vaccinated). The third wave of gear trains, the health department is expanding its Infrastructure.

The Minister of Health said: “ beds are ready. We have 75,000 beds with the serial number 8. 20 to 25 PC beds are dedicated to medical specialties. Districts are also creating special pediatric departments. “They are also created in various districts.

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