Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password


 Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password

The Tittle of this post is  Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password. When the password used around the world over is “123456”, we have a problem. We show a guide with tips to improve the security and strength of your passwords, services to generate keys in the network, and the most common mistakes when designing a password for any service.


Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password
Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password


While security seems to be one of the most important concerns of users-more after the scandal PRISM and the NSA in the United States-seems indoors people do not try too hard to provide their services online accounts and passwords worthwhile . Every year, a list of the most used in the world is published passwords, and as always the strength of these surprises. This year there was a change radical : after 2 years on top of the podium, “password” ceased to be the most used password … to make room for “123456” .

The statistics were compiled by by Splash Data , a company password management software. Data, meanwhile, were relieved by the enormous amount of “stolen” passwords in the last year by different parties, for example, the millions of passwords hacked from Adobe, which also “123546” was the winner as the most common password . Is this normal or is exaggerated by statistics? The numbers do not have the ability to exaggerate, and security problems are rife.

The best way to avoid any problems that may arise due to a compromised password is to have a strong password . Therefore, before stats Splash Data we came to answer a series of tips to improve the security of our accounts via passwords, as well as a list of online password generators that can help us when we need creativity to devise a on our own. Security is an issue that we have to worry, but consider that we are not an easy target for an attack style.

Common Mistakes

We should start this by defining a simple way what is a password. It is a combination of characters that acts as a “key” to access a service and verify our identity. With this last point, we start with the most important basis of our passwords: never shared with a third party . Regardless of the level of trust we have with this other person, passwords are personal and not transferable, and should be used by a single person, not shared.

Besides sharing, another favorite user error is to note the password in a format such as paper or email. Some go so far as to write down on paper the password for the computer work … and stick it on the same computer. Needless to say this is completely insecure. If we can not remember all your passwords (a point that we will play in a few lines) we can use a password manager to manage them safely and encrypted form,without the risk of compromising them in any way.


Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password1
Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password1


Another of the most common errors users and their passwords lies in the frequency with which they use a password . Both in working life and personal life, many users repeatedly using the same password on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail, work email and any other service. Our password can be compromised in a variety of scenarios, either from a massive hacking to a service to which we are annotated to social engineering, a risk we all run. So the key is to use a different password for each of the services. If we do not trust our memories, we can again use a password manager.

Finally, we have the great problem of the simplest passwords, also known as weak passwords . The problem with these passwords is that while they are easy to remember (is the clear case of “password” or “123456”), are extremely vulnerable and anyone can they be able to figure it out without making a big effort. Within these passwords, for example we can find the passwords generated by default by the system, the blessed birthday, dog’s name, and more. Across the spectrum we find strong passwords, which themselves are more complicated to remember, but much safer.

Improving a password

  • Use strong passwords : A strong password is a generally long string of characters, which can hardly be guessed by someone else because it makes a complicated combination of different types of characters and can not be ascertained due to the social-engineering since many Sometimes is generated completely random and has no basis in reality. On the other hand, if we want that does have a basis in reality, we can use a word that easily remember, but with special characters. So instead of “house” we can use “c4 $ a”, for example.
  • Use different character combinations : the key to generate a strong password is to use different combinations of characters. Different services use different criteria to set starting password, and we do not ask us to use all upper and lower case or numeric characters. Therefore, the responsibility for our password strength depends entirely on us. We can combine letters, both upper and lower case, numbers, symbols and special characters, and punctuation.
  • Do not share your password with anyone : it is important to emphasize this point, though we have mentioned in the past. Our password security is critical and we have to keep it as personal as possible. Therefore, avoid sharing your passwords with third or worse, write them down in a place where we know that other people have access. For example, leave a goal in a shared folder on a shared file or worse, in a role in our desktop file. This is basically asking to have problems with our password security.
  • Do not repeat your passwords : there is a widespread custom of using the same password for different services repeat. It’s better for our memory, since we only have to agree on a single password, but that password is compromised, all other services with the same password are too. It is better to use a different password each, although more complicated to remember. And this relates to the point that we shall see.
  • Use a password manager : there are several services for different operating systems, allowing us to manage your passwords in a secure way. Some work as virtual key chains where we only have to enter passwords to automatically access these services. Others help us generate “master” for the service, then passwords are responsible for generating strong and almost impossible to guess passwords for each of our separate accounts. Some are paid, some free, but the spectrum is broad to cover all needs.
  • Verify your password regularly : Finally, it is important to verify assiduously security of your passwords. How can you do it? Many services, where we are generating a new password, tell us what is your strength. Microsoft, meanwhile, has a special online service to check the security of passwords, called Password Strength Checker . And there is also a separate service How Secure Is My Password? , which serves this same purpose.

Online password generators


Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password1
Best tricks to Improve The Security Of Your Password1


Do not know which password you can use? Do you only can you think of simple passwords that anyone could guess? To improve the security of your password you can use an online password generator, and luckily come in many flavors, for everyone. One of the most interesting is PasswordLive , which allows us to use a keyword and it, generate different combinations easy to remember, using special characters you can use in various services as there is no one that is equal to the other.

If looking for something a little simpler, Strong Password Generator and Random Generator are generating services without much user intervention, strong passwords that can hardly be guessed. Again, if you want something simpler, we can also use the “pronounceable” passwords that are relatively safe but easy to pronounce. A service that is dedicated to this type of key is called Generate Password and also allows us to generate strong passwords with different combinations.

If you’re one of the people who used “123456” as master password for all their services, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but at some point you’ll have security problems. You have to respect a little closer to our passwords and give them the care they deserve, thinking strong keys and taking the time to check the security of your password. It really does not take much time and change can be critical. Perhaps in a few years, the list of the most used passwords we will find much more complex keys.


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