Best Tips on How to Stay Focused While Studying Online


Best Tips on How to Stay Focused While Studying Online

Balancing work, family commitments, and online studies isn’t an easy task. While studying online provides great flexibility regarding when and where to study. But, it can be challenging to manage time amid the numerous distractions that come with online learning. As such, students need to maintain a high level of discipline and focus to complete the required courses and attain high scores. Here are tips to help you:

  1. Designate A Separate Study Area

Avoid using high-traffic areas like the kitchen or living room to study. Instead, establish a quiet workspace where you are not easily distracted to maximize your study time. Some students prefer visiting a local library while others look for places with some background noises like a coffee shop. But the point is; make sure the area has comfortable furniture to maintain the right posture during the long study hours, has adequate space to hold your reading materials, and power outlets if using a laptop.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Setting up a study area is not enough if you are still distracted. It is essential to eliminate any distractions during study time by turning off the radio, TV, and logging out from distracting apps or websites. The seemingly small distractions hours of precious study time.

During an interview about work interruption at the workplace, a Professor at the University of California estimated that an individual takes 23 minutes 15 seconds to refocus and resume the task at hand. This is a precious time for an online student juggling between work and study.

  1. Leverage On Efficient Study Tools

The right tools help organize, focus, and prioritize studying. Some tools online class helpers can come in handy. For example, you can pay someone to do your homework online and ease some of the pain points while organization tools like Todoist, Schooltraq, and Trello allow you to simplify your tasks, goals, and projects into actionable lists.

  1. Set Up Deadlines For Tasks

It is especially useful for courses that have an end of semester deadlines. Set up the due dates and deadlines on the computer or phone calendar. You can set an alert a week before the deadline to ensure you work on the assignment or project on time. Also, leverage on the built-in calendars on many online learning management systems.

  1. Look For A Study Buddy

Some people study better when they have a little external motivation. It would help if you found a friend who is available for a weekly study date to work on your online coursework. Use online message boards to find students who would like to form a study group. This way, you get the job done on time and support each other in understanding the material.

  1. Space Out Study Sessions

Most online students schedule a specific time when they can catch up on all the work, which can be overwhelming. Stress associated with such study practices is a result of poor time management and planning. Students can avoid this habit by dividing their studies into multiple, spaced-out sessions. For example, you can set one-hour study sessions with five-minute breaks.

  1. Review Routines And Make Changes

Taking stock of what you have achieved is critical to evaluating progress. A five-minute review at the end of the week or month helps recognize your study patterns and identify inefficiencies that need change to adapt to new habits that optimize your study time.


Online study is challenging for students who barely stay focused. There are no one-size-fits-all to help students focus. With few times of trial and error, you can find the best way to remain focused and develop a routine you can stick to.

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