Best Medion Akoya P7624 With Full Specification


Best Medion Akoya P7624 With Full Specification

Best Medion Akoya P7624 With Full Specification
Best Medion Akoya P7624 With Full Specification


??The Medion Akoya P7624 sits Processor (CPU) from the entry-level segment: the Core i3-2350M (Sandy Bridge) Intel. It has two cores, each operating at 2.3 GHz. Installed, the HD 3000 graphics chip, the Nvidia GeForce GT 630M, the laptop still a separate graphics processor . The user may wonder but also of this chip does not expect: For a fluid display of current games like “Star Wars – The Old Republic” it is not enough and this test he took only 20 frames per second on average on the screen.(The test criteria for games, see the article ” How COMPUTERBILD determines the pace Games “). High speed reached the notebook with Office programs like Word, Excel, and in video, photo, music editing.

The screen shows the 17.3-inch devices (43.80 inches diagonal) standard Resolution of 1600×900 pixels. Thanks to good antireflection nerves as well as no reflections.


The key spacing is sufficiently large texts tap quite comfortable one. A separate arrow keys block is missing, although the cabinet provides space for a full-size keyboard. Super is the comfortable-to-use touchpad with multi-touch capability: storage, data exchange and accessories for the Connect to the Internet router has the Medion Akoya P7624 fast WLAN, for wireless data exchange with the smartphone Bluetooth is on board. With 466 gigabytes (GB) of memory, the hard drive is limited. If necessary, you build a second hard drive or a fast SSD. The four GB of RAM can be expanded with DDR3 RAM. Five ports (including two USB 3.0) for USB connectors are available; a webcam is installed in the casing above the screen. The delivery of the notebook includes a TV adapter (DVB-T) and a remote control.

Operating system, battery, software:-

In addition to the Windows 7 Medion Akoya P7624 provides the operating system fast boot. This starts in just six seconds, enough for surfing the internet. The Medion Akoya P7624 remained very quiet even with compute-intensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, the battery lasted through long: about three and a half hours while working and three hours and 45 minutes when watching movies. These are good values ??for a 17-inch device. The Medion Akoya P7624 comes with Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). As we know from Median, each comprehensive software package is installed. In addition to Microsoft Office Starter 2010 are recording programs and software for image and video editing. 


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