Best Job Portal logo Design


Best Job Portal logo Design

  • Number of Logos: 6(Best Job Portal logo Design)
  • File Type: PSD (Photoshop) with Layeres
  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Print-Ready: Yes(Best Job Portal logo Design)
  • Fonts Used: ESP font, Britannic Bold font, Berlin Sans FB Demi font, Baskerville Old Face font, Lucida Fax font, Eras Bold ITC font Use in Logos Designs.(Best Job Portal logo Design)
  • Layered: Yes
  • Color Use: Blue, Green, Orange(Best Job Portal logo Design)

jobs logo

Download Here:Job Portal Logo 1
Download Here:Job Portal Logo 2
Download Here:Job Portal Logo 3
Download Here:Job Portal Logo 4
Download Here:Job Portal Logo 5


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