Best company toyota logo history


The best company Toyota logo history

Throughout the world, Toyota Motor is well-known for its durability, toughness, and testing. From relatively cheap models used in the cab to luxury models, Toyota has indeed mastered the field of automobile manufacturing. Their logo is widely known, recognized, and respected worldwide. But before their now-famous logo, it first underwent major changes until it became today.

1963: Before becoming Toyota

Once upon a time, Toyota was originally called Toyota Akio. It was founded by Toyoda Shoichiro, the son of the owner of the Toyota Automatic Loom Factory. The initial logo was the Roman letters of the founder ’s surname, with a diamond-shaped logo.
When the company held an open competition to design the company’s new logo, the name was changed.
The word Toyota on the winning logo is written in Japanese. In fact, initially, the actual word is still Toyoda, but it seems important to change the last syllable from “da” to “ta” for the following reasons:

Sounds better, “Ta” is written in 8 strokes, and “Da” is written in 10 strokes. Since 8 is a lucky number in Japanese, Chinese, and many other Asian cultures, the company decided to delete the other two strokes and rename the company Toyota. The Japanese company’s rebranding and rebranding marked its transition from a family business to an international company.

When Toyota was internationalized, the logos of non-Japanese countries were used. The logo is just Toyota’s black name. Over the years, the Toyota logo has undergone a series of changes. This is a change of the Toyota logo.

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