Benefits to Choose Carrara Quartz Worktops


Benefits to Choose Carrara Quartz Worktops

When it comes to interior designing of the kitchen, Carrara Quartz Worktop is one of the best choices. They are not only attractive, but their heat resistance and exceptional strength also make a difference. Alongside simple and cheap maintenance, the brightness and beauty added by them to your kitchen are just magnificent. The strength provided by them is hardly found in any other marble with the same beautiful design.

What is Carrara Quartz?

Carrara Quartz is basically an alternative to Carrara marbles. The former one is harder than the latter, but both are equally attractive. It is manufactured using a mixture of resins and natural stones. They provide a lovely and stylish touch to your kitchen with their classy design. Generally, they are available in white color along with a faint black colored pattern present all over the stone. Carrara Quartz kitchen worktops have such a shiny surface that the light reflected by them helps in making the kitchen brighter.

Benefits of Carrara Quartz Worktops

Following are some of the benefits of Carrara Quartz worktops which set them apart from other options available for kitchen decoration.

Heat Resistant

Carrara Quartz Worktops are highly resistant to heat, which is one of the most desirable qualities of the stones used in the kitchen. Their attractive design is not at all affected by the intense heat of hot utensils or flames in the kitchen. Generally, the original Carrara marbles don’t have such a high heat resistance as that of Carrara Quartz.

Stain Resistant

People waste a lot of time cleaning their kitchens because of different stains due to utensils and other items. But that is not the problem with Carrara Quartz Worktops. They have a non-porous structure which makes them highly resistant to stain, and any stain does not compromise their attractive design. The white color of the stone will help you clean them more precisely. Any kind of temporary stain on them can be cleaned very easily just with the help of a dry cloth.

Scratch Resistant

Unlike most of the other shiny marbles, Carrara Quartz Worktops are scratch-resistant. Their upper surface also doesn’t get chipped off like wood. This property is very desirable because, in the kitchen, we generally deal with a lot of items that can easily scratch the worktops. But with Carrara Quartz Worktops, you need not worry about this.

High Strength

Carrara Quartz worktops are harder than the original Carrara marbles, which makes them a better choice for kitchens and many other applications. They can’t be broken easily, and they support heavyweight items and pressure very efficiently without harming the beautiful design and shape of the stone.


Although Carrara Quartz is manufactured using resins, they are hygienic enough to be used in kitchens and other places. You can even keep fruits and vegetables on them, and cut them without a chopping board. As mentioned earlier also, they are highly resistant to stains, and hence, there are no chances of contamination at all.

Affordable Cost

The cost of Carrara Quartz worktops is not much as compared to the style and strength provided by them. There are several companies which provide Carrara Quartz Worktops in Essex, Surrey, London, and in many other places in the UK at reasonable prices. These prices are very much comparable to any other option for kitchen interior decoration.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of Quartz Worktops is also very simple. They are resistant to stains, and hence you just need a dry cloth to remove any stain. If the stain is very hard, then you can use a knife to eliminate them, and this will not at all affect the shining surface and attractive design of the worktop.

Many top companies offer Quartz Worktops in Essex, Kent and all over the UK. You can get your kitchen furnished with an attractive design and that too at affordable prices with their help. They install Quartz worktops in the kitchens quite quickly and conveniently. Their high tensile strength and heat resistant properties make them highly durable. If you will use them responsibly, they will last for centuries. Easy maintenance further lowers the cost as in other marbles or wood worktop, and you will need to spend the right amount of money on maintenance. All these properties make Carrara Quartz Worktops the best choice for kitchen worktops.

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