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Let’s see, I’ll start from the beginning. I confess that I read this new issue of Eternal late at midnight on Wednesday in which it was published. It was my desire to read it so that even tired from the day’s work, I decided to spend a few minutes reading. What happened? I read it and went to sleep. The next day I got up and asked a question: “Fuck! You really tried what number? “We mention this because despite the fatigue that may have contributed to this, the number left me a little bewildered. No, not upset me, but there are so many elements that have become confused, I asked myself a question: “Were it not that we are you reviewing weekly, would you be buying it regularly?” And I feel that things are not moving!
The artistic work of McCarthy, Major and Esposito, overall I’m very satisfied; I particularly liked the visual treatment (and also indent level) that was exposed Batwing. Maybe, maybe and perhaps the only, is the art chosen for Gentleman Ghost. It is difficult to draw a ghost, I know, but do not notice that this ghost has “ghostly arms”? Haha. I do not know if it’s my imagination, but beyond being the sleeves of her dress, I thought for a moment that the “ghostly arms” of this character were drawn, and that was a little out of logic with someone who has no face. Well, maybe I was just me and my imagination. By the way, very exciting to see more people involved as this which you do well to note its appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold , and Dr. Phosphorus, which we see and take action.

Batman The Dynamic Duo Review
Batman The Dynamic Duo Review

True, I completely agree with the theme of the mystical, and I think that bothers me a bit like good old Alfred, but I think the issue goes beyond that. If you think about it, a complaint has been that things are moving a little slow, and apparently feels no story to go anywhere. True, it is number 6 in a long series of numbers that take us a year to discover, but that does not mean that the reader is a bit tricky to humor to situations that should at least feel a little more connected. To what number may be saying that the introduction is over? As you say, it seems to involve several elements batifamilia be a constant, so the answer seems to be that the introduction still missing, and that several more numbers might feel somewhat bewildered. About your question of what else on batifamilia see, judging by the cover of # 7 we’ll hold a bit and see more of the “suffering” of the penguin against Falcone.
You mention a little about the appearance of Blackfire in Eternal Batman # 2 , and especially me throw the question whether this is the result of the mystical or the result of a drug-induced hallucinations. Given the presence of The Spectre (which I confess to knowing little in the world of DC) and the emphasis on magic, I do think we are dealing with the presence of something “beyond the physical”. We will have to follow the thread of the story to see how it connects.
However, taking advantage of all the above, the convening me questions about doing the Joker’s Daughter. We have already commented that his presence would be important after the famous image of Batsgiving our firstreview of Batman Eternal . However, I do not know if you read the earlier one-shot Batman: Joker’s Daughter # 1 ; it better addresses the character mentioned, and in the end, is presented as a sort of acolyte of the Joker, which is given a new return tracks. Obviously we will see the return of the Joker-let is the biggest villain of Batman, but doubts were a little more related to how. Apparently Joker’s Daughter will have something to do with it from its position in the depths of Gotham, perhaps using some of the dark magic that accompanied The Spectre-Batwing-be investigating. I think Joker will return with his face, so an answer to that would be a magical process, do not you think?

We will continue to closely track the Eternal Batman . As soon I promise not read first such adverse circumstances, as midnight and tired, haha. I swear I had to read it two or three times so that it can properly review.

Batman The Dynamic Duo Review
Batman The Dynamic Duo Review

Loose debris:

Well, to close, a number of issues. Did you see the picture that Zack Snyder (director of Batman Vs. Superman ) satellite networks show about the appearance of Batman played by Ben Affleck? The now named Batfleck (can not stop laughing) is very similar to the Batman of Frank Miller and Jim Lee look. I think a much more robust Batman (for some even made them fat), but at the same time more aggressive. If the unofficial title of the sequel (yes, although nobody remember) Man of Steel is not clue enough, it seems that we will see a Batman inspired by The Dark Knight Returns Superman face, so this new version of our favorite character fits well.
But the thing that Ben Affleck interprets it seems to remain the main discomfort, and as they say in my country, “but the monkey in silk is still a monkey”, ie, although the actor bagging one of -for me and the so-shown best Batman outfits, will not leave the fact that the very capable Ben Affleck. Hopefully I’m wrong. For now, and as a “snack” (as they are of those who says you laugh as a joke), the batimemes the Batfleck was not long in coming, and I must tell you that I have taken montonales of laughter.

Batman The Dynamic Duo Review
Batman The Dynamic Duo Review

And to close, there has been a batirumor I at least do not take me so seriously. One-month (yes, a month) ago, cinematographer Larry Fong went on his Instagram account of possibly alluding to the Joker image . After the departure of the appearance of Batfleck, rumors of the appearance of the Joker in Batman vs. Superman has increased considerably. Why not think that’s so? Because without discrediting the role of Fong, I think that a story of this size, not a leak, which is not the case because if it had not been hit by the “high command” – I come from a source better stop as Snyder himself or the official accounts of the production. I, for one, do not take it seriously.
Before leaving, friends bang , I must tell my dear Zachary, I think you have to stay with the desire to read “the damn Batman” in Spanish, and is apparently censorship is something we can not escape, haha. Good batisemana, folks! Until next time!

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