Apple’s iOS 7 makeover for the iPhone?


Apple’s iOS 7 makeover for the iPhone?


iOS 7 Apple's makeover for the iPhone
iOS 7 Apple’s makeover for the iPhone


Update 08.07:-
Meanwhile, the Beta 2 of Apple’s iOS 7 is released. 
The system should run more stable, brings back the voice memo and it also allows you to choose a male voice for the first time at the voice control. New: For the first time the iPad is supported.  Apple’s iOS 7 With iOS Apple presents a fresh, modern system with many interesting features. We have tested the beta version on the iPhone 5 and show you the most exciting new features of Apple’s iOS 7.

Prior to the bubbling rumors: Apple’s iOS 7 Flat, adult and tidier should be compared to its predecessors – and many of the speculations have come true. Apple’s iOS 7 an interesting system succeeded not only looks modern but is also equipped with many new features. Striking is the first surface that does indeed still familiar, but has been optimized in the right places.Standard apps like Notes, Calendar and Game Center no longer remember real originals, but have received a sleek design that is better suited to digital content.

Better usability: Control Center and Notification Center:-

Apple has also revised the Notification Center, which now seems clearer than it was on iOS 6thOn the other hand completely new is the Control Center, which allows the user to quickly access the most important system settings and a few standard apps like the camera and the music control. You can customize the Control Center but not yet. It would make sense for example if the user could define which apps they want to use from the control panel out, especially as the Control Center can be called from any other app from -. Itself from the lock screen out, which was also slightly revised so it unlocks the iPhone, for example, still use a wiping motion, the “Slide to unlock” button but Apple has dispensed with and replaced by the simple font “unlock”. Another new feature is that you can now get displayed the cover of the currently playing album.

Apple's iOS 7 makeover for the iPhone
Apple’s iOS 7 makeover for the iPhone


Apple’s iOS 7 : True multitasking and new Safari features:-

By double-clicking the home button, as before, open the multitasking feature – but there are two major new features: Apple now allows true multitasking, and the apps are live. It invites you to sample music in iTunes down, you can see the download progress in the multitasking preview.safari is now similar to the mobile Chrome variant, all open tabs as a kind of record of where the users go quickly between pages changes and forth – we can conclude the tabs simply by wiping motion. In addition, the Brower is finally no longer limited to eight open tabs. Anyone who uses an iPad in parallel with the same Apple ID, there can also access the open pages.

Revised camera and photo apps:-

The redesign of the camera has succeeded, but there is not much new to discover. The most noticeable are the expansion intergrierten color filters as they are already familiar with from other camera apps.The photo app on the other hand, Apple has significantly upgraded.The application displays the images are no longer as simple stream to, but automatically sorts them by date and GPS location. If you shoot a lot, would appreciate this very improvements. 7 The beta version of iOS already runs fine, but with smaller errors you should expect. It is particularly annoying that we could not establish a wireless connection because certificate validation on the button of the network can not touch.

iOS 7: Come in autumn:-

The beta is only available to developers with appropriate account.The final version will be released this autumn for all users. . Supports Apple iOS 7 with the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, the iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini, and iPod Touch (5th Gen) 

CHIP Online says:-
With Apple iOS 7 is a very good system succeeded with the meaningful feature has been enhanced, without being overloaded. But many of the functions should occur already known especially Android users.


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