Anyone can read your conversations WhatsApp


Anyone can read your conversations WhatsApp


Anyone can read your conversations WhatsApp
Anyone can read your conversations WhatsApp


Anyone can read your conversations WhatsApp. It reveals a comprehensive protocol analysis, security system and used by the company to send and receive methods.

WhatsApp Your conversations can be read . So simple yet so blunt. No matter if the content is encrypted now. It is not a matter of chance, not a theory, it is a reality and you can do with the latest versions of the application. Not the first time it happens and I am convinced that it will not be the only one. WhatsApp is an irresponsible company that simply refuses to improve its security systems even when they are so popular that they are considered directly responsible for the demise of SMS.

Thijs Alkemade , a student of systems engineering and mathematics at the University of Utrecht has analyzed in detail the cipher using WhatsApp , the technical performance of the application and how two errors in the implementation aspects that make a person with sufficient knowledge technical and access to the same network you are connected (for example, to the same Wi-Fi) is able to intercept messages that you send and receive, break the encryption and read. WhatsApp Sniffer was the most popular app in time .

In simple and straightforward terms: you must assume that if a person has a sufficient interest to read your messages WhatsApp, you can do it . Whether for own knowledge or by a third party who has. The immediate thought is usually, “Who would be interested in reading my posts?” But remember that for vulnerabilities like this have appeared applications that do the dirty work for you and begin to spy on all text exchanged in a same Wi- Fi automatically. But if you are using WhatsApp to work well, you’re shooting in the foot. But if you are using to exchange privileged or sensitive information, you should be fired immediately end irresponsible.

Why WhatsApp is so insecure?

It is the question that many of us do constantly considering the scope and the immense popularity that has the service. Right now the company behind the app has basically the same power as a telephone operator but not under the same regulations. Therefore apparently give little priority or have little interest in complying with a responsibility to maintain safe information sharing among its users. WhatsApp is no longer free. Yes, I agree, is a service of two dollars a year, but to ask for money, however low sea-‘re charging for your service, the least they should offer decent security is. Especially considering that there are other similar services that offer better security. Today WhatsApp is king, but 4 years ago it was BlackBerry Messenger, in these times of change app for messaging is also very simple.

Surely WhatsApp will make corrections to applications and communication protocol for safety purposes, the question will always be there: Is it enough? The worst part is that the user side there is no immediate solution. You can not do anything to make your conversations WhatsApp safer. My advice? Stop using , today.

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