ANNABELLE COMES HOME Warns against demonic danger


Warns against the demonic danger

When Annabelle arrives home she arrives in US theaters this June, we will learn what happened after the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren removed the devil doll from the hands of some nursing students (the opening scene of The Conjuring, published in 2013). It will be hidden in Warren’s “haunted museum” with its other artifacts but, as the new movie poster makes clear, this does not mean that it is no longer a threat!

Take a look at yourself:

ANNABELLE COMES HOME Warns against demonic danger
ANNABELLE COMES HOME Warns against demonic danger

Annabelle Comes Home is the directorial debut of Gary Dauberman, who has written screenplays for all three Annabelle films (not to mention The Nun and many other non-Conjuring creepers). Finding a film began to plague US residents starting on June 28. Take a look at the summary and the trailer – see below.

Supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren locked a possessed doll in their heritage room. When the doll awakens the evil spirits of the room, it will soon become the horror night of the couple’s little daughter and her friends.

Annabelle Comes Home star Emily Brobst, Patrick Wilson, and Mckenna Grace.

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