Android Game Project Code on Bouncing Ball


Android Game Project Code on Bouncing Ball

Here are best Android game on bouncing ball source is available here and free download from this site. This project is useful as reference for computer science students who are looking for android gamming projects for free download. Students can use this project as mini project or final year project. The project is best for Science and Computer student.



public class Home extends Activity implements OnClickListener {

private Button accelerometerBtn;
private Button sensorListBtn;
private Button bouncingBallBtn;
private Button bubblesBtn;

/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

accelerometerBtn = (Button) findViewById(;

sensorListBtn = (Button) findViewById(;

bouncingBallBtn = (Button) findViewById(;

bubblesBtn = (Button) findViewById(;

public void onClick(VIEW v) {
IF (v == sensorListBtn) {
startActivity(NEW Intent(Home.this, Sensors.class));
} ELSE IF (v == accelerometerBtn) {
startActivity(NEW Intent(Home.this, Accel.class));
} ELSE IF (v == bouncingBallBtn) {
startActivity(NEW Intent(Home.this, BouncingBallActivity.class));
} ELSE IF (v == bubblesBtn) {
startActivity(NEW Intent(Home.this, BubblesActivity.class));

Download here Project:- Free Android Game Project


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