How to activate the flashlight of an Android phone


How to activate the flashlight of an Android phone


How to activate the flashlight of an Android phone
How to activate the flashlight of an Android phone

Some mobile phones with the operating system Android camera incorporated with an LED light that is normally used to increase the lighting in the photos or videos that are done in dark environments. Usually this light only light in the time which is necessary to take a picture or video, and most phones lack an internal option that allows light to activate this user need. We say almost all because just with some of the mobile operating system Android 4.3 Jelly Bean we include an option to activate the flashlight without installing any application , as explained below.

But thankfully for other mobile operating system Android offers apps for virtually any task. And there would be less in the case of this practical light. There are different ways to activate the flashlight of an Android phone , and then we are going to show the most popular applications in this category.


Applications to activate the flashlight in Android

How to activate the flashlight of an Android phone
How to activate the flashlight of an Android phone

Flashlight Apps for Android more popular Google Play are:

  • Tiny Flashlight . This is probably one of the most popular applications lantern OS Android , and in fact speaks for its more than two million downloads . The application is very simple: downloaded, open it and simply clicking the middle button will activate the flashlight. We can download the application from this link: .
  • LED Flashlight HD . Another also very popular application in this category. It works the same way, although it includes a somewhat more elaborate than the previous interface. The application can be downloaded for free from here: .
  • Flashlight + LED clock . In addition to the lantern, this also includes a complete watch that we can use as an alarm clock. We can download it free from this link: .

How to activate the flashlight on Android 4.3 on Samsung phones

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are phones that come standard option enabled phone Flashlight. To use this function you must follow these steps:

  1. First we walked to the list of applications on our phone.
  2. Once inside, at least in the case of mobile company Samsung , we see that at the top of the screen we have the ability to navigate between the tab Menu tab and Widgets . For this case we click on the tab widgets .
  3. Once inside, we just have to glide through the pages until you find the widget under the name “Lantern “. The first thing you have to do is keep down this widget to slide to the main phone screen finger, and then we can turn on and off the flashlight simply by clicking on this button.

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