A Brief Guide about Cost Estimate for Exterior House Painting


A Brief Guide about Cost Estimate for Exterior House Painting

Planning to give a new look to your house? The exterior house painting is the perfect thing to do. The next question in your mind will be regarding the cost required for the exterior painting. According to an estimate, the exterior painting cost for a 2500 square foot, two-story house is $3800 to $4100 whereas the cost for interior painting is $5000 to $5600. If you are worried about the price, then you can cut the prices by doing some portion of the work by yourself, reducing the scope and proper selection of color.

A fresh coat of paint will definitely give a new look to your house but you need to keep your expenses in check. The painter rate will be $25 to $65 per hour. It is also around $40 in urban areas. Keep one thing clear in your mind that proper planning is the key to save your money. To get rid of problems in your painting process, you should avail Cape Cod exterior paint services from skilled painters of professional companies operating in your area. In the following blog, we will be looking at various elements that are included in the exterior paint along with its tips to reduce the cost:

Comparison of Cost

First, we will be looking at the cost estimates for the exterior and interior painting for different types of houses:

Exterior Painting: The price is listed below:

500 square feet: $900 to $1600.
1-story 1,000 square feet: $950 to $3200.
2-story 2500 square feet: $2900 to $5100.
3 to 4 story 4000 square feet: $3900 to $7100.

Interior Painting: The prices are as follows:

500 square feet: $700 to $1600.
1-story 1,000 square feet: $1400 to $3200.
2-story 2500 square feet: $3800 to $7400.
3 to 4 story 4000 square feet: $5800 to $12,300.

Break Down of Painting Cost

The cost of the painting will be dependent on the materials you are going to use for your property and the area you are living in. According to experts, the expenses are divided into two main categories:

Cost of Labor: A large portion of your budget is consumed by the labor cost. The painters have to spend adequate time so that paint job can last longer. You can save your money by controlling or reducing the time spent by the painter doing tasks like patching, sanding, cleaning, caulking, and painting. You will see that labor is expensive but paint is cheap when compared.

Price of Materials and Paint: The next thing on the list is the paint. The price is approximately $25 to $75 or more per gallon. The price will be dependent on the sheen, grade or any other special feature that you have selected. There are various kinds of paint available in the market. There are mold resistant paints that suppress the smell, while some need few coats. Furthermore, you also have to look for the quality as well so that your paint can last longer for at least 10 to 15 years longer if the surface preparation is done properly.

Tips To Save on Painting Cost

No question that the painting is one of the great ways to give a classy and attractive look to your property. We can understand that your house look matters a lot for you and the painting can be expensive if you are paying attention to it.

The labor is the biggest expense as discussed above still, you can save during the painting process. Following are some exterior house painting tips that will help you to save some dollars when painting your house:

1-Prefer Contract

You have to make sure that you get your agreement in writing. This should also include the time estimate of every job to be done during the painting process. In this way, you will know about all the steps that will be done by the painters.

2-Do Some Work Yourself

You can definitely save some of your money by doing some work yourself. You can do the task like:

  • Trimming the shrubs within your property.
  • Moving the furniture or clearing the area that needs to be painted.
  • Reinstalling or removing the outlet covers, doorknobs, and switch plates.
  • The preparation work that includes sanding, scraping, and patching if you are having skills.

If you are not able to do it, then don’t try to do the work yourself because you may increase problems for you that may lead to more expenses for fixing the problems.

3-Don’t Wait Much for Repainting

If you see signs of peeling or cracking of your house exterior paint, go for repainting without wasting a minute. More you wait, the more the situation will get worse and put you on heavy cost. Fix it early to save the cost of the painting.

4-Go For Competing Bids

Before you make the final decision about the hiring of house exterior painters you should get multiple estimates. You should select painters that are having the proper experience and license to do the work. In addition to this, you need to ask a painter that how many hours will they spend on preparing the surface, inquire about the products they will use, and how many coats will be applied and will there be any additional costs? You should ask these questions before making the final decision.

5-Select Colors Strategically

By applying a coat on your existing paint or changing the color, you can get the work done by one coat in comparison to two coats. This will only happen when your surface is in good condition.

You should not use deep colors and don’t use them on accent or trims. The colors like bright reds and yellows require four to five coats for better surface covering.

6-Reduce Scope of Job

Before you finalize your contract, you should look around and see things that you can ignore. For instance, there is no need for painting the ceiling or closet interior. This will save your money or labor cost and paint. Hope this information will be helpful for you and you will be following the tips for reducing your cost to paint the exterior of house.

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