6 Tips to Keep Attendees engage until the Conference Close


6 Tips to Keep Attendees engage until the Conference Close

Conferences, meetings and events became essential part for any business organization. The value of conferences is immense in companies like the value of heart in human body. Business organizations increase their sales, services and the relationship with their customers or attendees. But the main focus of companies are on generating money through conferences. Business organizations earned billions of dollars from their conferences and events. Business companies in the United States generated at least $330 billions of dollars from their conferences, meetings and events also in the UK companies produced £45 billions of dollars as a revenue from events. Usually, organizations arrange different types of conferences such as business conferences, business meetings, business event and company training workshop for new developed product etc. Even professional and conference expert says that successful conference is necessary for the successful business. In shortly, successful conference became the symbol of success business.

How can you make your conference successful? Attendee engagement and interaction is the key point for any successful conference. So the question raise here is that how could it possible to engage the attendees. We will discuss here some points with tech tools and tell you how it became possible?

  • Social media
  • Virtual reality
  • Online quiz
  • Entertainment
  • Attractive gallery
  • Q&A session

Social media   

Social media is important and dominating technology tool which is using widely all over the world for attendee engagement and interaction with event organizer. Now event organizer can enhance their relationship with customers in an effective way and make interaction better rather than the past.

But for the use of social media you need to provide the technology devices to your attendees in conference. For this purpose, most of companies hire the iPad from iPad hire for events companies rather than buy and fulfil the business needs. Through this step, organizations saves their money and time.

Virtual reality  

Virtual reality make the world as a global village. People want to communicate with each other, also removed the barrier of limitations and distance perceived them and virtual reality playing a key role in the collaboration and communication between attendees in the conference and organizer. Attendees can take participate in conference from all over the world while sitting at the home chair. The value of this technology is immense. But it is expensive technology rather than the other technology, not everyone can afford it in their conferences. So if you want to use it take VR on rent from VR rental companies. It is highly interesting and astounding technology for engagement of attendees in conference.

Online quiz

Audience exhausted while listening the intensive stories from event organizer. So make sure that they are mentally fresh. For this purpose, take an online quiz, but quiz should be specific. It could be company services, products and the city where conference is taking place.


Entertainment is also popular and powerful way to keep audience engage in conference. Event organizer can show them comedy videos, or as an alternative option arrange a magic show for your attendees.

Attractive Gallery

Make the separate section in the conference for gallery with touch screen devices. Your content should be interactive and amazed in your devices, content could be about company picture, videos and many other related things. When audience start to watch it, they can’t stop themselves until they finish it.

For this purpose you should use tablets. As we already discussed, also take the tablet on rent from tablet rental companies and use it in your gallery.

Q&A session    

This session should come in the last, it plays as a vital in the engagement of attendees in conference. Through this ways, event organizer could interact with the audience directly and more effectively. Audience will keep engaged until the conference finished.

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