5 tips to know if your diamond ring is authentic


5 tips to know if your diamond ring is authentic

We’ve often been in a position where we’re wondering whether the diamond ring we purchased is real or have been duped? 8 out of 10 times, if you purchase from a renowned jewellery, the chances of it being a fake or a duplicate are really low. However, if you still have your doubts but do not want to visit a jeweller for verification, here are a few tests you can do on your diamond right at home to see if it is authentic or not.

  1. Hot Breath test

This is also known as the fog test. The way to do it is, hold the diamond close to your mouth and blow a puff of hot air on to it. You will see a light fog forming because of the heat and moisture of your breath. Hold it still for a few seconds. If the fog vanishes quickly, you can be sure the diamond is real. If it takes more than a few seconds and dissipates slowly, then the diamond is fake. The reason being, authentic diamonds are good conductors of heat and so they can disperse it quicker as well.

  1. Heat test

Since diamond is the strongest stone on Earth, you could test its strength with this heat test. Fake diamonds obviously will not be able to withstand it. Fill a glass with cold water. Use a pair of pinchers or oven mittens to hold the ring and heat it either on the gas stove or with a lighter. Heat it for approximately 40 to 50 seconds and then immediately drop it in the cold water. If the diamond shatters or develops cracks then it is a fake diamond. Real diamonds are created under the surface of the Earth billions of years ago as a result of tremendous heat and pressure and are will show no effect of such a small duration of heat on them.

  1. Markings on the ring

Authentic diamond rings are always marked. Check the inside curve of the ring to find out the marking that describe its setting and the quality and carat of the metal used in the ring. Mostly if you know the rings has a metal like gold or platinum, the diamond is going to be authentic. However, you should still check the inscriptions.

  1. Dot test

Many people do this test regardless of their doubts, simply because it is fun and has no risk of damage to the ring as well. Draw a dot on white paper with a pen and place a diamond over it. Place the flat side on the diamond down so you can look through the edges. If you can see the reflection of the dot inside the diamond, then it is fake. A real diamond will not let you see the dot or the reflection. Since an authentic diamond has very strong refractive properties, light bounces through it in multiple directions. We can only see reflections if the light is bounced in a single, straight line. Since that is not the case here, you won’t be able to see any reflection if the ring is authentic. It might be slightly difficult to do this test on hidden halo engagement rings, but you can always try.

  1. Check the sparkle

Also known as the sparkle test, it does not require any special instruments or preparation. Simply hold up your diamond ring under a regular table or study lamp. Watch the sparkle carefully. An authentic and real diamond reflects light very well. You will see how the light bounces off in various directions giving out the amazing sparkle. They also reflect colored light so you could check that out as well. The sparkle given off will give you a fairly sufficient idea about the authenticity of the diamond.

Although these homemade tests will give you a fairly good idea, it is also advisable to let the jeweller or a professional give the final verdict. Engagement rings in Hatton garden are known for their 100% authenticity and also come with proper certification, so you could check your ring out there as well.

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