5 Important gadgets in a Journalists’ Backpack


5 Important gadgets in a Journalists’ Backpack

Journalism is all about tactics that how you gather the information and correctly use them. Beside from things like paper and pen, watch, torch, there are other technological gadgets that every journalist should have them in their backpacks.

Using these items correctly, timely can not only help you to cover the evidence and proof of different activities but also help them to sustain that information for a long time and keeping them in secret.

In this article, some of the most important tools from portable laptop to a tiny USB drive will be discussed and how these gadgets are important for the journalist to keeping the record of investigating new news and information.


Every new activity is news for journalist and having a visual record of that activity is important for information. Keeping a camera in a backpack of the journalist is necessary to keep everyday evidence of news.

A journalist can either have a small camera or can have DSLR for the optimal resolution but that would require a lot of space in a backpack. Keeping a small camera with better resolution is enough unless you are pitching news on the online newsfeed.

For the purpose of capturing pictures and sometimes small videos, a camera is must-have gadgets in a journalist backpack.

Voice Recorder

If you are involved in taking interviews frequently, over going over the press conferences, charity work that involved political contributors and gathering new information from the general public to keep a record of every news then you need a small voice recorder.

Writing key highlights on a small dairy, such days are over and for that now you need a Voice Recorder as evidence. Having a voice recorder will help you to focus on the interview more than writing than on a piece of paper.

Voice recorder is also helpful when you compiling the interview later for the new paper article or pitching that information online.

Portable Laptop

One of the most important items that every journalist should have in their backpack which is a portable laptop. Gathering information around the circle and then compiling them in the form of news, articles, and news journal, you need a laptop that convert that video or audio recording data into shocking news.

The laptop should be portable, with smaller screen size and less weight and most importantly the laptop should have a higher performance standard for imminent news pitching. The laptop should have long battery timing for long field working hours and that’s the important feature in a journalist laptop.

Size, performance and most importantly keys matter in a journalist laptop so that they can ease the compiling process for the journalist.

USB Drive

The USB drive is a small tool but its important for keeping, transferring and gathering information from different resources. Every journalist should have a 3.0 USB drive can help them to track, get and use that information timely.

Sometimes information and data that are required from the field work might not be accessed via mail services but can only be accessed through different laptop software then such occasion need a USB drive that must be in a journalist backpack.

Smart Phone

One of the most important gadgets for the journalist is a smartphone. Not just using for communicating people but keep yourself aware of day to day information that is available online is vital. Taking morning coffee and scrolling down to the latest news and conferences around the city is vital information.

Journalist deals with a lot of information each day and to keep the record, track, plan, and timing of dealing that information you need a better smartphone. From keeping the daily notes from where you should be to track down the information online you need this gadget very often.

All the above are the technological gadget that should be with our journalist to keep tracking new information or what is accruing near them. There is another journalist tool kit but these are the important things which every journalist require for bits of information.

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