4 Reasons Why You May Need Help From an Odor Removal Service Baton Rouge LA


4 Reasons Why You May Need Help From an Odor Removal Service Baton Rouge LA

There are times when you know what’s causing an unpleasant odor in the house. At other times, you don’t have a clue. Whatever the situation, something has to be done. Fortunately, there are professionals who can resolve the issue. All it takes is one call to a local odor removal service Baton Rouge LA and help will be on the way. Here are some examples of what they can do to help the place smell a lot better.

A Skunk Attacked the Family Dog

Your pet has an unfortunate encounter with a skunk. While the culprit is long gone, the dog is going crazy due to the smell. It’s not exactly doing anything for you either.

Since home remedies aren’t helping much, it’s time to call in a professional. Fortunately, a pro has a few treatments that are likely to work. It may mean trying one or two before the damage is corrected, but rest assured you and your pet will be happier in a short amount of time.

Dead Wildlife May Be Under the House

Rodents and various forms of wildlife can get into the crawlspaces under the house. Some of them never come back out again. What’s left is the carcasses that slowly decompose. Unfortunately, decomposition means the release of foul odors that permeate the house.

An expert can locate the remains and remove them. That same expert can treat the areas so all the lingering odors are eliminated. You’ll be able to smell the difference immediately.

Mold Could Be Growing Somewhere Inside

All mold needs to develop is a space that’s moist and a little warm. That’s not hard to find in many parts of the state. The mold may develop due to a small leak around a pipe. There’s also the chance that seepage through a basement wall led to the development of the mold. It could even be found in the home’s air ducts.

An expert from an odor removal service Baton Rouge LA can test the place for the presence of mold spores. If the tests are positive, the search is on to find the source. Once it’s taken care of, the expert can treat the rest of the house to kill the remaining spores. Everyone will breathe easier once that’s done.

There’s the Lingering Scent of Stale Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette can get into all sorts of soft surfaces. It might collect in the carpeting, the draperies, or even in the padding under the furniture upholstery. Those odors can be trapped for a long time before they fade.

If you don’t want to wait, the best move is to call an odor expert and have those soft surfaces treated. Extracting the smoke scent is easier for someone who has the right equipment and knows how to use it. One round of treatments may be all it takes to freshen the scent inside your home.

If there’s any type of lingering odor in the home, call a professional today. There’s a good chance that it can be isolated and removed a lot easier than you thought possible.

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