15 Android apps that every user should download


15 Android apps that every user should download


Android is one of the most used worldwide mobile operating systems, and the recent changes that Google, the developer has included versions as Ice Cream Sandwich and the recently opened Jelly Bean can only contribute to its popularity is even greater in a battle with Apple and iOS that seems to last quite.

15 Android apps that every user should download
15 Android apps that every user should download

With about 500,000 apps in Google Play, its biggest source of content, and also many alternative places like Amazon App Store or any web developer, search for applications on Android is simple task since virtually any queries get applications help us get what we want.

However, not all of these applications are the best of the best , something we have tried to compile a list of just 15 apps, of course, ordered by category. All of them are a must not only for power users , but for anyone looking to start taking full advantage of the system.



Chrome Android apps:-

Although it is not the default Android browser, many will bet that soon will be. And is that Chrome offers everything offered his brother desktop, and even connect to it. Share bookmarks , browsing history and even open tabs we have is a fact, besides being an excellent tool for surfing the net. One must only available for Android 4 and above.

Flipboard Android apps:-

Your social magazine . The best way to consume content via your Android phone or tablet. Flipboard is an attractive application you access a range of interests and which is delightful gestures to turn the page. The easiest way to describe it is to compare it with a magazine which had pages to discover each of the sections, except that here the sections and contents are chosen us.



Instagram Android apps:-

We may also having gotten into social networking section, because Instagram is not only a very good program for photo lovers who enjoy all kinds of effects, but a community where sharing and discovering our snapshot images. One of the applications that have never stronger burst into Android, and a place to interact with millions of people around the world about one of our passions: photography.


Photo Grid Android apps:-

The ideal complinche Instagram. Photo Grid allows us to create composite picture frames for multiple pictures and also assign a frame. Predefined templates will help us prepare our frotografías before publishing them on Instagram, or indeed any other service through the sharing option.

QuickPic Android apps:-

The latest versions of Android and the gallery may have improved a lot, but it is undeniable that it was thanks to apps like QuickPic, featuring an attractive and intuitive way possible to display our photographs in a very fast way. If not just convince the gallery, QuickPic is an application that you must try, and you certainly should be in this list.


Spotify Android apps:-

The best music service streaming by far. To enjoy mobile application will require us to be Premium user, which strongly because once we do recommend, we are enjoying millions of tracks from a host of artists with the best quality, under a fancy interface, and advanced features as scrobbling or the ability to create custom lists.


TuneIn Radio Android apps:-

The best radio available in the Android ecosystem. More than 60,000 different channels with the ability to create our own favorite lists or choosing the musical quality that interests us: Alta, to enjoy the best music, the best fidelity, or low, to avoid high consumption of data but still enjoying what was previously known as the pleasure waves .

Super Video Android apps:-

A new feature of Samsung Galaxy S3, one of the most powerful terminals of the moment, was the possibility get popups in order to play video while writing a message or did anything else. Now it’s possible on any Android phone using Super Video, one of the best applications of the year, and also a utility that will delight lovers of music from YouTube.

Social Networks

Boid Android apps:-

Which is the best Twitter client for Android? You can. I must admit that when I found Boid me excited its minimalism and how well it leverages the new visual options of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, and after a few hard months of development in which the application became even unstable, this product, which is still in beta, it returns to work perfectly as one of the most comfortable available clients. In a few days will be ready Push notifications, the icing is missing for that we need not ask the original question.


FriendCaster for Facebook Android apps:-

Let’s be honest. The Facebook app for Android sucks . Fortunately there are alternatives like FriendCaster, a client that offers access to the largest social network in an intuitive and attractive interface. The choice of dark themes in order to save battery, chat enjoy all the features of the desktop version, or synchronize our contacts are some of their weapons. Oh, and two words I forgot to mention: Push Notifications.

Jolicloud Android apps:-

Jolicloud is a very good idea for lovers of social networking. Surely throughout the day ye like in endless links and pictures, plus you publish your own content to contribute to the great library of Internet entertainment is. Well, this service meets all these contents for us connecting to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and showing one stream with our social activity where we can also create collections, or follow other Jolicloud users.


Swype Android apps:-

Swype is most likely the best Android keyboard available, and a tool that will make our levels of productivity soar with its proposal: To write so we’ll just slide our fingers, making a trail to complete words. Swype does the rest, including spaces and providing us our lives.


Light Flow Android apps:-

The final application to take full advantage of the LED notifications or press. With it you will be able to tell your Android device in which color, or how often alarm notifies you when they post, when you receive a likeon Instagram or when someone leaves a message on the voicemail. One of the essential applications of the ecosystem, and an acquisition of Google should do, and make something in Android native service. I recommend the full version , which is worth only € 1.75.

AppBrain Ad Detector Android apps:-

This small utility is responsible for notifying us of the potential dangers that have applications installed.Unwanted, hidden notifications or sending data to third parties advertising are some of those dangers, which now no longer have to worry that every time we do an installation AppBrain Ad Detector does it for us.

Lookout Android apps:-

Utility that helps us not only to analyze each of the applications we install (or have installed) looking formalware , but to keep our device located. Lookout is able to activate the GPS for the same, in case of loss or theft, we know where it is to within a few meters. In addition, the paid version comes with options to erase all your data in case the worst happens. a Paddle .

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