11 Best Things to do on Lisbon Holidays


11 Best Things to do on Lisbon Holidays

Lisbon is the colorful capital city of Portugal. This wonderful city is built on seven hills; it would be a great challenge if you prefer walking to explore this city. But, you will have a rewarding experience. The city is a great example of some fabulous architecture and legendary personalities. There are plenty of things to do on the Lisbon Holidays. Gothic Cathedrals, museums, trips to nearby areas and numerous things. This post helps you with the best possible information to plan your All Inclusive Holidays to Lisbon.

Best Experiences on Lisbon Holidays

Rossio Square

Rossio Square is one of the prominent squares in Europe, prominent place since medieval times. This square witnessed celebrations and equally the revolts, numerous events. It is the best spot to experience, the Portuguese way of life in the city. Lisbon Holidays takes you a bit closer to the destination than sightseeing.

Christ the king

Christ the King is one of the landmark sights worth exploring on Holidays to Lisbon. Located exactly opposite the banks of Tagus estuary this iconic sight stuns you with phenomenal views. This magnificent sight gives completely a different perspective of terracotta roofs that dot the city of Lisbon.

Farmers Market

Experience the rich taste of Portuguese food in Mercado da Ribeira. It is one of the largest farmer markets in the country where you can buy some fresh ingredients and food as well. The market on the top features a Moorish Dome, but when you enter you will find everything in a Portuguese style. On your All Inclusive Holidays to Lisbon make sure that you pay a visit to the market and enjoy some fresh food.

Tram Ride 28

Experience the pace of life on a Tram ride, this popular transport system gives you a chance to mingle with locals. The most renowned route is 28, because of its construct from downtown to a hilly area. Before halting at the Alfama district, you will enjoy some phenomenal views of the city.

Alfama district

Alfama is one of the historical cities and best places to explore in Portugal. The alleyways take you to hillside offer some of the views. The district features some amazing architecture of the past. Enjoy some dramatic views of the statue of Christ the King from the district. It is one of the best experiences to have on a holiday.

Commercial Square

Praca de Comercio is the most famous squares, which is the renovated version after the massive earthquake in 1755 destroyed the region. The square connects to Rossio Square, another prominent place where people gather to spend some quality time. The waterfronts near Commercial Square create a peaceful ambiance; it is also one of the best spots to wander around.

Jeronimos Monastery

Discover some amazing architecture in Lisbon at the St Jerome Monastery. Its significance makes it one of the prominent sights and UNESCO also recognized the sight as a world heritage site. This massive structure withstood the blow of the earthquake in 1755. This prominent building should be in your best things to do list on Lisbon Holidays.

Fado Show

The traditional folk music Fado which has a centuries-old history is the most popular art form. It is the cultural aspect of Portuguese life that you should experience on a holiday. Numerous people enjoy the play on a holiday. Numerous clubs host the event; this thought-provoking play should be in your priority list.

Belem Tower

A visible example of Portuguese glory, this tower has witnessed centuries-old history. It has seen many legendary travelers paying a visit to the city and their departure as well. Enjoy the Manueline style of architecture of the tower, walk along the coast and taste some extravagant food in the seafront restaurants.

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