10 Ways to Improve Interior Lighting of Your Space


10 Ways to Improve Interior Lighting of Your Space

It might sound a bit old-fashioned, appropriate lighting is all when you are in need to increase the potential of your living abode. Your living area will not thrive with life unless you have bright interior lighting to support the same. General Thumb rule says that you should try mixing light sources at various levels, to create a pleasing mood. An appropriate task-lighting is also required to aid in your daily chores. If you do not plan it constructively, the rooms of your heavenly abode will feature as dim and gloomy.

Read the further detailing to follow the simple yet helpful ten ways to improve the interior lighting of your blissful habitat.

  • Calculate the ceiling height
10 Ways to Improve Interior Lighting of Your Space
10 Ways to Improve Interior Lighting of Your Space

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Always calculate the ceiling height of any rooms, where you are planning to hang the pendant lights. Certain lighting fixtures come with an adjustable extension cord or cable, while some do not. Fix it in such a manner, which will reduce the usability of your living space, and will not act as a hindrance.

  • Ample space between the table and light-fixture

Adequate space to be left between the table’s surface or any counter, and the lighting fixtures. There should be a distance of almost 28 inches amid the table surface and the light fixture chosen by you. Larger lighting fittings will always ask for a little extra space. But small-sized ones can adjust according to the requirements.

  • Plan wisely before the remodeling project

Plan before you start with designing your house with various lighting fixtures. Though your personal choices matter the most, but then effective planning is what that will help in your house remodeling project. Place four dimmers in your dining space, instead of a single one.  Then it is easy for you to accommodate this requirement much ahead of time.

  • Use a cord-swag

There are moments when your needs related to your interior lighting will never come at par with the electric set-up. To get a quick, easy, and long-lasting solution, use a cord-swag to solve the problem.  You can also secure them tightly to the ceiling to give the whole setting a modern and industrial effect.

  • Wisely use ambient lighting

Search for various ways to make your space look brighter, though your choice is to create a romantic milieu. Make use of the multiple elements of ambient lighting that you can operate according to your needs. The brightness adjusts using a regulator or via your mobile controlling application. Look out for subtle or warm tones, which will enrich the décor of the corners of your room. Pay equal importance to the staircase as well, by adding accent-lighting. Once lighting fixtures placed along with the risers, it will make it much easier for you to navigate, during night-time. They adjust following to your requirements, via controlling apps.

  • Give your Living space a gentle uplift
Interior Lighting of Your Space
Interior Lighting of Your Space

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Give your living area a mild face-lift by lighting three or four corners. Plan to focus on one of these lights on any figurine or artifact, which will hence emphasize one whole side of the living area. A floor lamp and table lamp combination is also a wise idea while trying to mend your living area’s lighting.

  • Gift the Bedroom with positive vibes

The bedroom should have a peaceful atmosphere with positive vibes. It is where you try to unwind yourself while relaxing. If you are an avid reader, place the reading lamps or else wall scones directly on top of the place where you feel comfortable sitting or lying with your book. Moreover, the fixtures adjust as per your requirement of light. Place a low-hued intimate lamp on the bedside tables or the adjoining peg tables, to highlight the corners.

  • Focus adequately on Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you can unwind your culinary skills. An overhead lighting fixture will help in highlighting the work surfaces. Place hanging lights fixed on a dimmer in your cooking area, which you can adjust during your cooking spree. Various cabinet lights can be set to get things much easier.

  • Illuminate your Dining space
Improve Interior Lighting
Improve Interior Lighting

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Make your dining space the brightest one in your room. A chandelier or a pendant light stationed above the dining table with a limited wattage of 100 can create wonders. Other than that, indirect lightings are best at different corners of the room. They are both pleasing and comforting. Small table lamps will also aid in providing the place with a soft and subtle glow. Your crockery unit will illuminate with battery-operated votive placed inside the glass doors. It gives out an elegant look, with a touch of sophistication!

  • Brighten your bathroom

Your house’s bathroom is one of your private space. Try improving the interior lighting by implementing side-lights, like a pair of wall scones adjoining the wall mirror. The shadowy portions illuminate with overhead mini pendant lights. It not only will brighten the surrounding areas, but also will be a great help while cleaning. If the bathroom happens to be covering a bigger space, then the shower zone can also get lighted up.

Think wisely with creativeness

Good and apt lighting makes all the difference in your living habitats. To uplift the lack-luster space of your house, these above discussed ten ways will help in creating the perfect ambiance. Once your heavenly abode meets brightness, accessibility, and color, the usage of the space maximizes inevitably. Interior lighting can complete your house décor, or act as interference.  Thus, think wisely with creativeness.

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