10 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes


10 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes

The following post has the 10 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes. Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. You should never skip it no matter what. Also, you should ensure that you take the right breakfast. You should not eat anything loaded with calories. And, at the same time, you should eat the right amount of calories. This is why it is advised to have a healthy breakfast. If you are looking for some good suggestions, read the following post. If you find cooking boring or time consuming, use online food ordering services. There are many new attractive Zomato Offers for new users.

  1. Moong Dal Cheela:
    Soak Moong Dal (yellow dal) over the night. Grind it in the morning after draining the extra water. Add a little bit of water; 2 tbsp curd and a little bit of cumin powder. Add a pinch of salt and crushed black pepper in the mixture. Make the cheela on a non-stick pan or griddle. Try to make on a low flame without oil. You can also add some finely chopped vegetables such as onions, potatoes, and capsicum. Enjoy them with mint chutney and have a tummy-full breakfast.
  1. Oats Idli:
    Soak the rolled oats in water for 2 hours. They will become mushy. Add sour curd to it. Add a pinch of salt. Make idlis in the stand like the regular idlis. They are extremely healthy and tasty. You can make them in non-stick idli stand for oil-free version. You can also add finely chopped vegetables such as onions, capsicum, and tomatoes in the idli batter.
  1. Paneer Bhurji with Multi-Grain Roti:
    Make a healthy and delicious Paneer Bhurji with cottage cheese. You can add a little bit of olive oil for making the bhurji. Add very few spices to keep the recipe simple and healthy. Mix one part of wheat flour with one part of oats flour and 2 parts of barley flour. Make 2 roti out of the flour. This is one of the healthiest breakfasts you can eat.
  1. Banana and Chia Seeds Smoothie with Nuts:
    Soak 10 gm Chia Seeds over the night. Make a smoothie with bananas, ½ cup milk (toned or double toned), 2 almonds and 1 walnut. Mix them together with the chia seeds. If you find it difficult to eat them separately, mix them together in the blender. Drink this super-healthy smoothie for a power-packed breakfast.
  1. Pineapple and Papaya Salad:
    Pineapple and Papaya fruit salad is really beneficial for weight loss and management. You can eat a big bowl of both these fruits. They cleanse your digestive system and offer an immense dose of fiber.
  1. Barley and Sooji Cheela:
    Barley and Sooji Cheela is also a healthy breakfast option which is excellent for weight loss. You can add one part of barley flour with one part of sooji. Add curd and finely chopped vegetables to the mix. Make Cheela in a non-stick pan. Don’t use oil if you are trying to lose weight. As far as the spices are concerned, add just salt and ground pepper.
  1. Omelettes:
    Omelette is a delicious and healthy breakfast option. You can add as many veggies and ingredients you want. It is a hearty start for every day. You can also add the spices and condiments of your choice. However, you should add green herbs for better nutritional content.
  1. Spinach Corn Sandwich:
    The Spinach Corn Sandwiches are full of healthy calories and taste. You can make it at home as well as order it online. There are many attractive Zomato promo codes for the existing user as well. You can use them for online ordering.
  1. Shakes:
    Vanilla and Strawberry shakes are amazing and delicious breakfast. You can make as many varieties as you want. Or, you can also order them online. Enjoy them individually or with tea cakes.
  1. Bread Toast with Honey and Berries:
    Bread Toast tastes amazing with honey and berries. You can make toast with or without butter. You can replace the sugary jam with honey. Honey is a super-food. You can also add chopped nuts and finely sliced berries over toast. This completes our list of the best healthy breakfasts. So, which ones are you going to try over this weekend?

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