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Serena Williams pays tribute to the “small team” Halep after the last defeat

by Deepak Sudera
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Serena Williams pays tribute to the “small team” Halep after the last defeat

Serena Williams denies the pressure off Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam titles and her defeat of Simone Halep’s Wimbledon defeat with a staggering 6-2, 6-2. Williams seems far from her best because she spurted 26 unforced mistakes, while only 17 winners played against Halep, and since 2017 they won 23rd at the Australian Open. Since the Grand Slam champion, the Americans have now lost three Grand Slam finals.

However, she said that this was the glory of her Romanian opponent, which was one of the most serious failures of her career, which was the biggest factor in the one-sided outcome. Williams said: “I can’t say that I have a lot of tension or very nervous.” “I just think my opponent is unbelievable. When someone turns off the lights, you really have nothing to do. You just need to understand that this is them. The day.

“About her, there are a lot of impressive things. Her tenacity, every time she has the ability to improve, just to keep improving. She has the ability to find strength. You can’t underestimate her. She is like a small power.”

She added: “Someone told me that I shouldn’t look at the record anymore. I should focus on my game. This is what I have been doing since I got 18 Grand Slams. At the same time, I am pregnant. And gave birth to a child, so there will definitely be a little bit.”

Williams also refuted some suggestion that she was racing against time to cancel the court’s record as her 38th birthday approached, although she did hint that she lacked training after a knee injury earlier this season.

“I feel that I am still very competitive, otherwise I will not be here,” she said. “There is nothing really helpful today. But I have done too many mistakes for a lot of things. I need to continue working, maybe I can participate in some competitions without injury, just like I use this game.”

“I just need to find a way to win the final. Maybe it’s going to be a big attack outside the other finals. It will be very helpful to get into this state.”

But when a questioner asks Williams about such a thing, maybe she should stop becoming a celebrity for a year, stop fighting for equality and focus on tennis, and she has delivered a perfect response.

“The day I stop fighting for equality, and those who look like you and me will be the day I am in the grave,” she said.

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