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Iranian Teen Girl arrested for dancing in Instagram Video

by Michelle martin
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Instagram is a social platform, where one can upload their images and videos. You can even download and save these videos with the help of Instagram downloader you can easily find too many downloaders like instadownloaderpro and many more. Where Instagram amuse people all around the world at the same time, there are some restricted policies for Instagram in Islamic Republic-Iran.

Maedeh Mahi, an 18-year-old gymnast, saw her life turned upside down. She became a star in the Islamic Republic. With 600,000 subscribers on her Instagram page which is one of the last uncensored social networks in Iran. 

Maedeh Mahi (whose real name is Maedeh Hojabri) experienced resounding notoriety at the age of 18. She was arrested by police for posting a video of her dancing without a hijab on her Instagram account as reported by the guardian.

A gesture contrary to the laws of the country, because a woman cannot dance in front of men, with the exception of the members of her family. They must also cover the body, except the face and hands in public space.

The Iranian cyber police had announced a month earlier than it had arrested four teenagers active on Instagram who it said had published immoral content and had attacked Islamic morality.

Her videos, where you see the Iranian teenage girl expressing her dancing skills. She used to post videos of her dancing in front of her bed on her favorite pop music, without the veil, makeup, and apparent tattoo. On Western and Iranian hits, each time viewed by several thousand Internet users.

Both in Iran and abroad, where a large diaspora lives. They come to recall the taste of the Iranians for the dance, as besides recently showed the thousands of Iranian supporters present at the World cup in Russia.

Like many young Iranians, including 24 million with an Instagram account, Maedeh Mahi appears there without a veil. But it goes even further by revealing its navel and filming its oriental swaying, to the delight of its many subscribers. 

Rare space of freedom on which the Iranians rush, Baixar video do Instagram has so far been relatively spared by the authorities. In the middle of the street, the Islamic headscarf is compulsory in public space, and dancing is prohibited. 

The Iranian government TV station broadcast an interview with the girl. Appearing the blurred face, dressed this time in a black chador. She cries while apologizing. “I didn’t do it to get attention. I am not part of any team; I have not received any training.

I knew it was forbidden to dance, but I didn’t post anything wrong on this account,” she exclaims, inconsolable. Then the journalist asks as a real interrogator “But what was your goal?”

Maedeh Mahi replied in tears that she was not tried to encourage their followers to copy. She liked to dance; people liked her that is why she does it for her taste. 

Some have even said that many Iranian girls were inspired by Maedeh and have posted their own dance videos to support her.

According to information from the private Iranian station Radio Farda, relayed by Courier International, Maedeh Hojabri was then released on bail.

Since then, Internet users have not failed to react to this affair by posting many videos of them on the dancing social networks. But also many associations, political activists or journalists provide support for the adolescent. 

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