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Facebook New Tool Facebook Graph Search

by Deepak Sudera
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Facebook New Tool Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has always developed New Features and Tools For Our users and Facebook again developed a very new similar story with new tool that is Facebook Graph Search.

Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook-Graph-SearchWe can say Now Is the Time to Go Over Your Privacy Settings. Facebook graph search is a tool and it’s developed by Facebook. The tool Use for users to search and explore in their social connections. The tools let you find people that have similar interests as you such as a similar sort of music, places, restaurants and stuff. After using this tool we will able to see who has visited a new cafeteria in a nearby region and liked it. Who likes to listen to your kind of music etc. We can say in one sentence, Aimed of this tool providing freedom to all users to search and meet more people online with similar interests.


How can we use Facebook Graph Search?

  1. What you want in search: For those users who like searching for something different, this tool can prove to be great. Graph search tool has a very fast and efficient search. It can be easily used to every user who using facebook. Once you understand the creation of the search probes, you begin getting decent results with it. If we are compared to the normal search, that was available earlier, it is greatly enhanced in performance. This tool is very easy to use, you can put the name of your search query in the search box. The tab appears and you can search for people, places and things. Put the name and you will get the results. The result of searching is very fast.
  2. Meet new persons: Since, it is a person finder sort of tool; therefore you can efficiently use it as a friend finder or a date finder tool. You can just search for your friends and others too, who have similar passions and interests.
  3. Sharing your photos with friends: If you are looking and sharing our some golden and happy moments with your closed ones through snaps, then you can do so easily. The tool sorts the pictures of people that you had the most activities with.
  4. Probe into your friends’ likes: with graph search, you will come to know what your friends like, what are their liked books, music, movies and other stuff. And at the same time, you will get to see the recommendations of these things where you can explore more and get to know more about different pursuits.

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