You Can Avoid Asthma Triggers by Avoiding These 7 Things


Asthma is a disease that is still very little known to us. To date, we do not know exactly how exactly an asthma attack is caused and neither do we have a treatment that can successfully cure asthma. So it is very important for asthma patients that they prevent themselves from the allergens that cause asthma. These allergens are called asthma triggers. It is very important for persons who are prone to certain allergens to maintain certain precautions in daily life to avoid asthma triggers. 

What are allergens and how do they cause an asthma attack?

Allergens are substances that are present in the air that can trigger an asthma attack. A person may be allergic to one or a few of these allergens. 

  • Pollens
  • Animal dander
  • Cold air
  • Dust
  • Smoke from the industries and cigarettes 
  • Molds
  • Fumes of certain chemicals

When one of these substances that is present in the air enters the airways of a person who is prone to asthma the person shows symptoms of asthma-like wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing normally, redness of the face, etc. 

When these allergens enter the pathways the antibodies present in our body overreact and as a result of secretion of certain chemicals, the airways of the person become constricted and filled with mucus. The brain signals our body to throw out the allergen by all means possible like coughing, sneezing, etc. 

Here are the 7 things that you should avoid to prevent asthma attacks-

Avoiding going out

It is one of the basic steps for preventing asthma attacks. Try to go out of the house as less as possible to avoid coming in contact with direct air. This is because most of asthma causing allergens are present in the air. 

For those persons, if you have to go out for work or other purposes you can buy and use ketosteril and inhaler from online stores. Remember to always carry your inhaler with you if you are going out. 

Avoiding any allergen to enter the house

Try to keep your house as clean as possible. For this, you should ensure that your house is cleaned properly every day with the help of broom or vacuum cleaners. Also, change the pillow covers and bedsheets every day and wash them. Make sure that the other furniture like the sofa is also cleaned regularly. The carpets have to be cleaned daily with vacuum cleaners and should be washed every 3-4 months. Use filters for the windows and close the doors as much as possible. 

Avoiding smoking areas

Make sure that when you are outside preventing yourself from the smoke of the cigarettes. It is very common asthma causing allergen and most people smoke today. So always avoid the smoking zones. Also, make sure that you do not inhale the smoke of the vehicles because this can also induce an asthma attack.  

If you are a worker at a chemical factory where you have to come in contact with fumes and smoke to often try to shield your face as much as possible or get yourself a new job where you do not have to come in direct contact with smoke.   Buy Asthalin inhaler from Arrowmeds and use it regularly to stay protected.  

Preventing direct contact with air by the use of face masks to cover your nose and mouth

The best way to prevent yourself from coming in direct contact with the polluted outside air is to use face masks that cover the nostrils and the mouth. You can also use a clean cotton cloth and wrap it around your face. If you are using masks make sure that they are up to certain standards and are specially designed for asthma patients.  

Avoiding exercise-induced asthma

Exercises can cause asthma. Heavy exercises that make you exhaust physically or run out of breath too often should be avoided. Instead to remain fit you can do the stretching exercises and pranayamas. Avoid any sporting activities as well which involve much running and physical work. Buy inhaler from online stores and use it after doing any hard physical activity. 

Avoiding certain food items can prevent an asthma attack

Certain food items can cause an asthma attack. If you are asthma prone then you should know which food items to avoid. Here is a basic list-dried fruit, shrimps, pickles, packed food items, cherries. 

Avoid flu and viral infections by vaccination

One of the causes of asthma is being highly susceptible to seasonal flu and viral infections. These flu or viral infections can cause asthma attacks due to catching a cold and cough. The basic symptoms are coughing and sneezing. To avoid these infections you can take regular vaccines and ensures that you stay protected from the seasonal flu. 

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