What things to look at before hiring a pre-wedding photographer?


There are different types of photographers in the market. Therefore, you should carefully check which one will fill in with your requirements before hiring one.

Having a pre-wedding photoshoot among the upper-middle class is becoming a trend nowadays. This gives an opportunity for the couple some time to meet with each other in an informal setting as well as create beautiful memories that they can cherish later. You may have seen amazing pre-wedding photographs of your friends as well as family members and wants to do the same for your marriage. It looks very exciting that you should hire a destination wedding photographer in Goa or any other exotic place and capture some amazing images. However, before you sign the contract paper for pre-wedding photography, you should look at a few things carefully.

1). Do you really want it: You should not follow the herd. You should carefully think about whether you really want to opt for a pre-wedding photoshoot. If you and your bride are meeting for the first time (arrange marriage), then it is quite possible that both of you will be a bit formal with each other which will appear in the pictures. Furthermore, you also must think about the budget. However, if both of you are comfortable in each other’s company and like to experiment with new things and have the requisite budget, then you should go ahead and enjoy.

2). Location: Location plays an important role in selecting a photographer. For example, if you want a photoshoot to happen in the state of Goa, then you will be looking for a candid wedding photographer in Goa. On the other hand, if you love to have an urban theme, then you should select one of the candid wedding photographers in Mumbai or any other metropolitan city.

3). Theme: Once you have selected the location, then you must look at the profiles of different photographers. While the budget is an important part of selecting the right photographer for your pre-wedding photoshoot, you must also not forget about the theme of the pre-wedding shoot. There are different trending pre-wedding photoshoots and these keep on changing, so you must update your knowledge before asking the photographer to follow a theme. In this task, you can also take the help of the photographer (as he/she is more likely to know about the new trends) and then decide which theme you will love. Here we will like to inform you about some of the latest pre-wedding photoshoot themes that you can adopt for your photoshoot.

  • Traditional: This is something that couples from the traditional family may love. In this kind of photoshoot theme, the couple are not in a very cosy environment. This is the kind of photoshoot that your parents may approve of and is ideal for those who are a bit shy.
  • Glamorous: As the name suggests, in this kind of photoshoot you can give flight your fancy and dress as Prince and Princess, take photos in front of a museum or even inside an English ballroom
  • Thematic: In this kind of photoshoot you first decide upon a theme and then arrange accessories and dresses accordingly. There could be any number of themes including rural, urban, beachside and many more. Choose the theme very carefully so that it gels well with your personality and you look great in it.
  • Casual: If you want to show the real you, then this theme is just perfect for you. In this kind of photoshoot, you only dress which you normally wear in your day-to-day life. You should not go over the top with your expressions.

These are some of the things that you must look at carefully before you hire a pre-wedding photographer to take amazing pictures with your better half.

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