Types, Coverage Plans and Other Important Facts of Medical Insurance in Dubai


The government of Dubai has recently come up with a compulsory type of medical insurance policy for ex-pat residents and nationals with the aim to give access to the top quality healthcare solutions in different regions. However, the selection of specific medical insurance in Dubai depends solely on your profession, about which we have discussed in this blog post.

Types of Health or Medical Insurance Available in Dubai

Essential Benefits Plan 

Essential Benefits Plan is the minimum coverage level, which each of the residents in Dubai should get according to the country’s law. The coverage is valid for all residents, who earn a maximum AED 4,000 in one month. EBP covers a variety of surgeries, emergency treatments, drugs, consultations and outpatient and in-patient services, along with maternity. However, as this is the basic coverage, it has many limitations, co-insurance stipulations, and exclusions, about which you should make sure to be well aware essentially. 

SANAD Medical Insurance 

SANAD medical insurance in Dubai on the other side is available for non-working dependants of people, who have a Dubai residential visa. This is a simple and easy scheme, which does not mandate checking qualifying factors or declaration of your medical history. Instead, you only have to show proof of your dependency documents to get approval from the SANAD program. Once you do so, authorities will activate your Emirates ID associated with the insured individual. 

Scope of Medical Insurance Coverage 

Most of the medical insurance policies available in Dubai cover outpatient and in-patient medical encounters, surgical procedures, treatments, maternity services, tests, drugs, and medications to come up with the yearly aggregate equal to AED 150,000. 

Key Details of Additional Included Coverage Plans

  • Most of the health or medical insurance plans exclude chronic and pre-existing health conditions for the initial 6momths of the entire tenure, but later on, include them. 
  • If you choose for maternity benefits, you get both outpatient and inpatient maternity services with our medical insurance policies. In the case of outpatient plans, you get antenatal services combined with 8 different OBGYN consultations. In the case of an inpatient plan, you get maximum AED 7000 for normal delivery of the baby, while maximum AED 10,000 in the case you undergo with medically necessary surgery i.e. C-section. Besides, you may get up to AED 10,000 if you experience complications in your pregnancy or suffer medically essential pregnancy termination. 

Co-insurance and Deductibles Related to Medical Insurance 

Co-insurance associated with medical insurance in Dubai refers to the amount payable by an individual insured for each consultation, prescription, medication, treatment, test, and availed service. On the other side, deductibles refer to the insured amount, which you have to pay before the beginning of your medical insurance plan to make sure about your treatment and care. After you make payment of the deductible amount, your insurance company will start paying for your availed facilities. In this way, you only become responsible to make payment of the co-insurance present in your insurance plan. 

If we talk about medical insurance in Dubai, you have to pay 20percent as coinsurance amount and it may go up to AED 500 per encounter with an average yearly limit of AED 1,000. In contrast, you have to pay 20percent of co-insurance for laboratory, OP consultation and radiology combined with free follow up with your doctor for the ailment of 7days in case of outpatient services. Along with this, you have to pay co-insurance of 30percent payable for medicines with a yearly average limit equal to AED 1,500. 

List of Hospitals and Clinics You May Visit 

Your selected medical insurance plan allows you to get benefits in a big range of clinics, hospitals and medical centers available across different areas of the UAE. However, the names of health centers may depend solely on your chosen policy and its specific details.

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