Best Asus N76VM Notebook


Best Asus N76VM Notebook

Best Asus N76VM Notebook
Best Asus N76VM Notebook


What a Bummer. 415×280 millimeters with the N76VM is almost as large as an open COMPUTER BILD magazine With 35 mm height is as thick as three stacked iPods. Also because of its weight of 3.5 kg is good for the 17.3-inch (439 mm diagonal) not as a mobile companion. But he will make a good impression on the desk.

Modern drive, old memory:-

Processor ( CPU ): For generating steam for upper-class CPU Intel Core i7-3610QM makes from the Ivy Bridge series. The four cores clocked at 2.3 GHz in normal operation, as even with Turbo Boost 3.3 GHz. Super: The CPU is inserted along with eight gigabytes of RAM on a motherboard with the current 7-series chipset. Who among other things for the first time its own USB 3.0 controller on board. graphics chip ( GPU ): For image reproduction, the Asus has next to the housed in the CPU graphics chip, HD Graphics 4000, a second GPU on board: The Ge-Force GT 630M from Nvidia’s new Kepler series has two gigabytes of graphics memory. Memory: The hard disk of N76VM offers 699 gigabytes of storage space – a 999-euro-notebook is not overly much. Also lacks a fast SSD , e.g. for the speedy startup. And the times cannot be easily retrofitted.

Work yes, no games:-

The N76VM mastered almost all the tests in the test with consistently high speeds – whether simple tasks in Word and Excel or debilitating video conversions for movie playback via smartphone. For graphically complex games like Mass Effect 3 , the performance of the graphics chip George GT 630M is not enough: The Asus is only 19 frames per second constitutes a liquid image reproduction but there are only from 40 frames per second.

Full HD included:-

The large 17.3-inch monitor is the Asus the full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels dar. Thanks to an almost complete antireflection annoying not the screen with reflections and provides consistently high image quality.

Term and ports:-

The battery life of two hours and 30 minutes is not very long, but is acceptable for a 17.3-incher. However, similar devices with the old Sandy Bridge processor similarly long held by. The promised power savings of Intel with Ivy Bridge so is not reflected in a higher run time. Reason: The Notebook CPU is only responsible for about ten percent of total energy demand. “Ultra books to the test: The extremely thin notebooks total of ten inputs and outputs are located on the left and right side. It turns out on closer sight it that Asus makes full use of the possibilities. For all four USB ports are working on version 3.0, which by the Ivy Bridge chipset is enabled. In addition, stand as one VGA and HDMI output ready for the integration of the laptops into networks via an Ethernet cable port. While the notebook is with Bluetooth 4.0 on the amount of time it disappointed the WLAN module. This can only communicate in the 2.4 GHz networks. The three audio jacks split up – into one input and two outputs. One of them is for the supplied external subwoofer.


Asus is the N76VM on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1 In addition, numerous programs and tools are installed. These include the starter version of Microsoft Office 2010 as well as Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security. Numerous smaller applications from Asus also help when creating backups or recovery media, and updating drivers.

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