A Formula to Successful Blogging


A Formula to Successful Blogging

That’s why you buy all the blog courses because people assure you that they know how to help you build a successful Blogging. God, I told people when they joined the Billionaire Blog Club. But I also said that there is a disclaimer. I can’t help any of the genes under the sun for me not going to long distance blogs.

When I started blogging, I did it to develop it quickly. I can’t do this about the blog of the Brazilian wombat. I just dropped it there because I know that some of you will have a blog idea when reading this article to find a unique and compact niche market.

good luck. So what is the formula for blog success? this is very simple: Write what people want + promote content to people who want to read it = successful blogging.


Are there many smaller things, such as success on Pinterest, how to build your mailing list, and actually make money with your blog

Yes, but if you can’t successfully use the basic formula above, then there are no other issues. I always have someone to ask me why their blog is not performing well. In their opinion, it should be, but when I look at the content, I don’t want to read anything. No matter how you promote it, if people don’t want it, they don’t need it.

I don’t think I have written any exciting content on any of my blogs. I think it’s good, but it’s not something that can win my award. However, I make sure it is what people want.

I am not crazy at all. I took the time to understand my audience and what they wanted and then I just gave them what they wanted. When you do this, the blog becomes less horrible. What scares you is that when you think you don’t need to do any research, you know what your audience wants and then put it there. When this happens, you really want it to calm down, which can be terrible.

I don’t have time to fear so I follow the formula.

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