What is the Variation in the Cost of the Appliance Repair and Replacement?


Repairing an appliance can cost from $50 to $450 for most models, a particularly old, or expensive appliance. Consider repair cost for a refrigerator or a freezer is $100-$450, for a dryer is $100-$430, for a dishwasher is $160-$300, and for an oven is $100-$430.

If your refrigerator is buzzing or humming, that means it requires repair immediately. Sometimes, if it is even failing to keep the food or vegetables in the fridge cold, then you need to get it to repair. 

Thus, you have to get the appliance repaired if there is 

  • an overheating fan that makes strange noises, 
  • clicking sounds which indicated the problems, 
  • or poor cooling that can be because of the compressor problem

There might be ratting sounds too but you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. There are other repair issues like defroster motor or freezer’s evaporator etc. 

Cost of an Appliance repair service call

Well, it depends on how you are calling the professional services to inspect the appliance that is spoiled. They usually charge a service fee of $100 to $150. This price is all-inclusive of the professional’s travel and then the time spent for them to identify the problem. 

However, understand that if you hire them to fix the appliance, the appliance repair cost is not included in their service cost. If you have any doubts about this, it is better you call them and ask about this before they decide to come to your house for repair. 

The Appliance repair cost per hour – Well, some of the service agencies charge their appliance repair cost per hour and they can be anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour. Even if it takes a half-hour of work, they still bill for one hour. So, make sure you clear this fact too. A few companies handle repairs so you can call them up and ask for discounts so that they can offer discounts. 

You may typically pay $110 to $250 so that they can repair the appliance but if the damage is bad, it can be hundreds of dollars higher. 

There are gas-related appliances such as stoves and gas water heaters whose repair is more expensive than electric appliances. The electric ones are much easier to repair. Repairing gas appliances can be a little risky because there are things such as carbon monoxide leaks or a minor gas leak that can cause a fire. Thus, repairing gas appliances cost more than electric appliances. The electric models may be expensive but when it comes to repairing them, they are cheaper than the gas ones. 

The repair cost also depends on how easy and accessible the appliance is. For example, if your appliance is easy to access, then it will not take much to fix it. It is less expensive than the harder one which takes time to reach. If there is any wiring involved and it is straightforward, it will cost less. 

In addition, the appliance repair might not cost much if the spare parts are easy to find. For example, if your appliance is an old model and the spare parts are difficult to source, it might cost more. Because the cost of repair will depend on the cost of the spare part. 

You can talk to your technician about using the already used parts to save money. In many cases, they are as good as the new ones. You can talk to your appliance repair person and find out the best possible solution. 

If your appliance is not working while it is in the warranty period, you can claim warranty repair. Usually, the warranty period lasts from 1 to 3 years so you will have to find ways where you can use the warranty period the maximum time. 

Should you do the repair on your own?

When you are dealing with anything electrical, plumbing, or fuel, make sure you will not take any risk and you have to hire appliance repair services near you. Put yourself or your family in safety and do not take any risk. If you hire professionals, they would know how to do it in the right way. Hence, they will not put anyone in danger. Thus, you will want a professional to do any appliance repair that involved fuel, electrical, or plumbing. 


You can always call for a professional if they are balancing a washer, replacing a compressor, or replacing fuses. On the other hand, you could learn to do the simplest of things like replacing non-electronic parts, clearing the clogged water, and things that do not involve electricity or fuel. You can also try doing the dryer vent cleaning that is full of lint or you can do the repair of loud defroster motor

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