What is the difference between environment and nature?


Environment and Nature

Environment means surrounding. The environment includes living or non- living things, physical, chemical as well as natural things. The environment is also related to the person as well as it affects the growth and development of the person. The earth, our environment is deteriorating day by day. Overpopulation, modern technology and industrialization lead to the deterioration of the environment.

Man is well aware that the environment becomes part and parcel of his life but he doesn’t want to understand that we have to clean and protect our nature for our future generations. Environment and Forests are mostly affected by human activities, they are destroyed by civilization, urbanization, agriculture, fire, cutting of trees, grazing, the disease of plants and animals. A sufficient number of trees must be planted per acre for regeneration, bcoz we are cutting the trees for development.

We have to grow more and more plants and don’t miss use the water and electricity bcoz it also affects our environment, we don’t burn the fossil thing which pollutes our environment it gives so many diseases. People must be educated on the ill-effects of polluting their own natural resources, we have to understand this thing that creates a greenhouse effect. which is not good for us and our future is also depends on this. Nowadays Air and Sound pollution is also a big problem, we want an easy way to do all the thing but for that, we forget to check our future which is going Into a bad platform.

Dust in the air is increased by the dust storm, wind, volcanoes, automobile, etc. Combustion of Fossil fuel like coal, petroleum, etc.in industries is the main source of air pollution. The combustion of petrol and diesel in automobiles releases harmful gases into the air and they also produce dust which is not good for health purpose. It creates an environment of suffocation.

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