Ways to Improve LinkedIn ROI and get more Traffic to your Blog


Ways to Improve LinkedIn ROI and get more Traffic to your Blog

Are you a fabulous writer? Need more people to read your stuff? If you are a B2B writer, LinkedIn can be the ideal place for you to connect with the industry, develop connections and drive traffic to your website or blog. LinkedIn has over 500 million users across the world. It is a go-to social site for business networking. And if you are looking to drive traffic to your blog via LinkedIn, you are at the right place. Here are a few ways to increase your LinkedIn ROI and drive more traffic to your website/blog.

1. Complete your Profile

“The first impression is the last impression”. Your LinkedIn Profile is the first impression of your website. So, make it a good one. Create a branded company profile. Banner image is one of the best ways to do so. Including logo in the banner image, tell a brief story about your company’s history in the “about” section and give it a personal touch. Include a link to the company’s website and blog.

2. Build Your Connections

Look for people you know on LinkedIn. You can stay in touch with all your business contacts via LinkedIn. To increase the LinkedIn network, connect with people:

  • you work with
  • who are email contacts
  • you know from LinkedIn groups
  • who are your customers
  • who are your business partners

The number of people you have in your network, the more people will see your LinkedIn status update.

3. Be Active

You need to be active on LinkedIn and post frequently if you want to drive more traffic on your blog via LinkedIn. And the more you’re seen by your connections, the more they trust you. This trust can even develop into potential customers or partners.

Do not spam your network by posting too much. Too many posts might irritate your connections. Use your judgment to determine how many times you should post in a day/week. Post insightful content that links to your articles or blogs.

4. Join Targeted Groups

There are 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn and 81% of LinkedIn users belong to at least one of them. So, find your niche groups with whom you can share your blog articles. To find these groups, click on the “Interests” tab and then on “Groups” in the drop-down menu. Now, look in for the topics.

LinkedIn will also suggest a few groups, based on your activities, profiles and so on. Assess whether any of those groups is a good fit for your business. Check out the guidelines, number of members and activities in the group.

5. Engage with your Network

The more you engage the better your relationship goes with your network. Interact with people who share, like or comment on your posts. Commenting back or replying to a query can build your networking relationships.

Engage in your groups. The more you engage, the more likely you will become the top influencer. When you are a top group influencer, more people read your posts.

6. Write Engaging and Interesting Content

To drive traffic, you ought to create articles that actually appeal to your LinkedIn market. Create interesting content on your blog. Stick to the business theme for your articles supporting business goals that relate to the target market.

You can attract the audience by running sweepstakes to give away one of your services for free. You can even post it to LinkedIn as most of the groups have “Promotions” section, where businesses can share deal.

7. Share Blog Posts with Individuals

You’re allowed to send LinkedIn emails directly to your connections. Use it to send your blogs to customers, top followers, or partners. For example: When you are running sweepstakes on your blog, send a message to your network to spread this giveaway. You can even run an email marketing campaign to make it more personal.

8. LinkedIn Share Button

Ensure you have a LinkedIn share button on your blog post. Share button makes it easy for your readers to share your posts with their own network. People who are interested in sharing your articles s are likely to have a LinkedIn network who will be interested in your articles too.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is mostly used by business professionals. So, create a network on LinkedIn making a right impression, engaging with your connections, joining niche groups and sharing pertinent information. Apply these networking tips to boost your business blog traffic and monitor your growth.

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