Understanding the Correlation between Animation and Website Design


Understanding the Correlation between Animation and Website Design

Animations have existed for decades so every individual who has worked in numerous professional fields and industries must know of the importance and use of animations. However, the entertainment industry as well as the domain of digital marketing has greatly advanced and benefited from it but that is not where the use of video animation ends.  The animation is a practical and useful Website Design tool for most high-speed users and the simplicity of creating anything from simple actions or silly GIFs to minutes of action.

Business owners tend to look for the best video animations company that they can get in touch with only for branding purposes such as video marketing or SEO reasons but there is a lot more to it. Animations or small clips of animated videos can be integrated into a website’s interface for the very same reason online businesses use digital marketing techniques.

Here are some ways animations can be implemented into Website Design:

Short Page load animations

Implementing and incorporating animations in website interface needs to be done smartly. If you talk about the most commonly used example of website animations then it is the use of short animations on the loading page. While the page of a website loads, an interactive and visually appealing animation is displayed on the screen.

It could be a unique design loading button or your brand’s logo. It can be almost anything, as it just needs to look interactive and engaging while the users wait for the main page of the website to show up.

Animate contact forms or CTAs

Response or contact forms are a way to get users to interact and collaborate with your website. However, they would not prefer communicating with a website with a boring contact form so in order to let them communicate with you, better and innovative options need to be considered.

Not many websites have been using this but animated responses are a great way to make users interact with the content, forms, and links present on your website in a quick and less time-consuming manner.

Use it for the sake of engagement

Sometimes there is absolutely no purpose to add animations into a website’s design. A major and probable reason for designers to integrate animations in web design is solely to enhance the user engagement on that particular website. Just make sure the animation that you have chosen is not bland or boring instead, it should be fun and interactive to view.

People tend to focus more on the overall aesthetics and appeal of a website such as its color, font styles and the overall selection of the design template but to improve it further, it would not hurt to add bits of animations on the interface.

Animated logo design

Another effective element that your users are bound to notice is an animated logo. The current trends and types of logo designs are aplenty but you have to choose a trend that would attract more user traffic towards your website. Animated logos are different from static and traditionally designed logos as such logos consists of interactive and engaging qualities that a static logo would not possess.

A logo design that constantly transforms is surely going to capture the attention of anyone who views it and they would want to know more about the story and vision behind the logo. This curiosity is going to drive more loyal customers and website users towards your brand.


Animated content now has multiple uses in various industries and fields so you can never run of ideas but what matters is how the animations have been used and implemented. There is no definition of what proper implementation is and what is not however; you should now integrate animations into your website’s design without any plan. Make sure to plan it out and the first view of how the animations turn out and only then proceed with its completion.

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