Top 6 Tips to change the IMEI iphone 2


Top 6 Tips to change the IMEI iphone 2

IMEI iPhone changer
IMEI iPhone changer


The IMEI number is a unique number sequence for each device (mobile Device) and consists of 15 digits. all Mobile Phone Have 15 digits Number of IMEI. Here we are Talking about IMEI iphone 2. The IMEI number is very important for the security of your iPhone (IMEI iphone 2) because people which was stolen the phone can call their telephone operator is to ensure that the disable those simply providing the IMEI number. Below we show you how to change the code IMEI of an iPhone 2. Unfortunately, there is currently no porcedura to change Limei of the most recent version of the iPhone!

Top 6 Tips to change the IMEI iphone

>> Download and install the ZiPhone by double-clicking and opening the file on your desktop to start the process of modification of my IMEI.

>> Open the program command “run” and type “cmd” without quotes. This option will find it by clicking on “Start> Run”.

>> Write cd Desktop / ZiPhone in the search space and press “Enter” on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your PC with the cable of the iPhone.

>> Put the ‘ iPhone out of recovery. Press the button “on” and “inactive / active” (“sleep / wake”) simultaneously until you see the Apple logo appears, then release the button “on”. Continue to push the button “inactive / active” until you see the iTunes logo and cable on your screen.

>> To finish the operation rate of the IMEI of your iPhone write “Ziphone-u-ia 123456789012345” on the controls. Change the number of the IMEI number you want to change.

>>  Wait until the program locates the archive zibri.dat. 2 Your iPhone will restart automatically and you will have your new IMEI already on the phone .

Some Information My Best Visiter..
If You are using This Please Be very careful for this, because if you change the IMEI of your iPhone (IMEI iphone 2) when it is still under warranty you will lose the right to any repair or replacement.

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