South Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore make extensive use of natural herbs


South Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore make extensive use of natural herbs

People of southern Indian are known for their religious beliefs and fervor and one of them is not eating meat-based food items. Most south Indians will be found strictly vegetarians and they won’t anything else that spells or smells meat. This staunch belief is not without a reason as vegetarian foods are considered healthy as they are made up with organic vegetables and herbs and other ingredients that are raised naturally. South Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore use lots of ingredients that are natural and healthy hence they are much sought after by the natives as well as people coming from outside.

Absolutely vegetarian that is purely herbal

South Indian food menu represents a huge array of condiments along with steamed rice and rice by-products. You will not find many fat based food ingredients used in the preparation of south Indian food. A bowl of rice based Thali or plate will consist of steamed rice, vegetables, appetizers, pickles, and chutneys are purely vegetarian and are made with natural ingredients and herbs. South Indian food uses a lot of herbs and they will include coriander leaves, mint leaves, curry leaves, cumin seeds, black pepper, green pepper, coconut, fresh chilies, tamarind, plantain, garlic, gourd, native fruits, and vegetables. These are purely organic, herbal and immensely healthy. The food preparations are also made with groundnut oil, coconut oil or sesame oil, etc and they have been scientifically found to be very healthy.

South Indian dishes rich in fiber for easy digestion

South Indian foods are a great source of fiber and proteins as the vegetables used in their dishes are plenty with them. Fibrous foods are known for great digestive elements and the south Indian food is full of them. The food is easy on the stomach and easy to absorb and does not engineer any kind of aggressive feelings that is purely attached to meat-based foods. The south Indian restaurants can be termed as the herbal restaurants in Singapore because they use herbs extensively to cook their foods. Herbs are added in south Indian food preparation to produce exotic flavors but the main reasons to integrate them is their medicinal and health properties.  The flavor of south Indian food is legendary and you have many different cuisines coming from different parts of Southern Indian and the most famous of them is from the Tamil Nadu state of India.

In south Indian vegetarian food, you have something to eat at any hour of the day. The restaurants here serve a variety of snacks according to a time table which is conducive for eating a particular dish. Tea and coffee are always the accompaniment of all these snacks and you get pure authentic tea or coffee served hot by the restaurants. If you are vegetarian and living in Singapore or have just arrived, the South Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore is your abode for thirsting the quest for south Indian food.

The Green Leaf Café is a top south Indian restaurant in Singapore famous for its use of exotic herbs in the menu and you can book a table by calling the numbers 65 6291 1171 / 9783 7476 and we are located at Cuff Road, Singapore.

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