Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Ecommerce Portals Don’t Get Enough Conversions


According to the latest stats, around 38% of the visitors on any website leave it if they don’t find the design compelling enough. For startups and struggling small businesses, that’s over one-third of their prospective customers, and it is a pretty big figure. The traffic on smartphones and all the other handheld devices is steadily increasing, but the conversion rates still not what companies anticipate. So, what’s the reason here? Read on as I will now discuss this aspect in detail.

If you are building ecommerce portals online or have any knowledge about it, you must be aware that the use of mobile devices across the globe is increasing rapidly. But the conversion rate of desktop is still considerably high. Data collected by Monetate shows that out of 1.9 billion shopping sessions, desktop visitors of shopping portals have conversion rates more than triple that of mobile users. 

Desktop still dominates in the conversion rates even as mobile users outnumber desktop users, and the margin keeps getting wider. So, first of all, let me offer my readers an overview of how and why desktop websites get such high conversion. 

Top 4 Reasons for High Desktop Conversion 

  1. Internet connectivity is lightning fast on desktop as it offers a reliable experience for end-users.
  2. Large search bars with a great main menu and multiple category options.
  3. Multiple products on product category feed. 
  4. Large screen for product’s visuals for a detailed look.

In general, most companies have desktop websites along with a mobile platform, as they know that desktop portals will reap them good benefits. Even after such great technological advancements, smartphones have some serious limitations as compared to desktop computers. Computing power, the unreliability of wireless connectivity, limited space on different mobile platforms, etc. are some of the limitations that curtail the chances of mobile commerce making it big in the larger ecommerce domain. 

Dubai: The Land of Opportunities

Making it big in Dubai is a dream for most of the aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs. For an ecommerce venture to take off, the portal is very important, and the role of a web design company in dubai is vital for its success. But what exactly these designers can offer businesses? Improving User experience and design (UX/UI) is the key here. 

User experience for any website, and especially for mobile websites, is what can make a difference here. It is the quickest and most effective way of increasing conversions. The following are the top 5 root causes in this concern so that any business can get guaranteed increase in sales figures if aptly taken care of. 

  1. Super-Efficient Website Performance 

In my opinion, one of the negative factors in not another mobile convergence for a website’s slow performance. Slow and legging mobile websites can be very frustrating for visitors. Compressed website assets are one of the reasons in which we can make in e-commerce portal work big time for you. Using JavaScript, XML and CSS to your advantage is one way to deal with this problem.

  1. Number of Request and Traffic on your Website

The number of requests a website receives makes all the difference. Each request requires session to loop, and server and ISP are also involved, and as each loop takes time, it can add up to be considerably higher. Page assets like images, videos and scripts also create the loops I am talking about. Any ecommerce website can get out of control with these assets having a big effect on how to use third-party tools run smoothly, especially that are involved in the shipping of goods and marketing of products. 

The design and development of a website can be effective for the scenarios mentioned above. This is by far the best way to tackle this issue. 

  1. Optimizing Websites as How Products Are Displayed on it

Single column view for products are usually displayed on the website do so good for its optimization, but the visitors are not able to browse through all the products quickly. One good way in this concern is to use a two-column view of the products. If you have a product that can be displayed thumbnail, then you need to use this because it saves a lot of time and space. And more products can be displayed in front of your customers in this way. 

  1. Saving Orders for Further Use

You need to think about the mindset of the customers.  Not every one of them is interested in buying a product right at the moment he may come back and look to buy a product at a later time. So, you need to offer him a kind of wish list in which he can save it and return later to buy it. In this way you can offer your potential customers a great way to save the product they are interested in. And they will surely come back to buy them as a result.

  1. Be Proactive with your Response

As a company, you need to be proactive in your approach and, more importantly, with your response to the queries and whatever doubt is there in the mind of your customers. If you can address them quickly in a way that your customer is looking forward to, then there is a good chance for you to be able to sell a product to him. 

Also called tactile response, if a visitor has saved a product in the shopping cart, he must get a visual clue that he has done that perfectly. And he can proceed further to the checkout.  You need to be proactive in the way that is predicting how a customer is going to proceed further after going through a product catalog or looking at a particular product for some time. 

Thea approach mentioned above should not be limited to just the desktop visitor but all off the mobile visitors too including people using your website from all kinds of handheld devices. 

Final Word

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or if you want to ask something from me concerning any aspect mentioned in this post, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this regard.

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