Raise The Roof! The Big & New Trends of 2019 in Roofing


Raise The Roof! The Big & New Trends of 2019 in Roofing

Though the roof may seem to be the least significant thing you consider while planning for your home, giving a little extra consideration to the design could help you with the aesthetics of your home. Actually, your home is a beautiful asset that is made with emotions and one thing that keeps you protected from the entire action of nature like wind, rain, heat, etc is your roof. Therefore, it becomes very important that you should be very careful with the construction of the roof. As long as you are concerned with designs, expert Roofing Companies in Westchester NY could bring you a huge array of design ideas and trends to consider for effective roofing.

When you are on your way to designing your home, you have so many things running in your mind. Over the years, the ideas and techniques of construction have grown to a great extent paving way for innovations. Thus, it is very natural that people get more options and choices when it comes to roofing design and material use. Let’s just quickly take a tour of some amazing trends which will make it worth constructing your dream home in 2019.

Energy Efficient Roofs

Energy conservation is the need of time. Every single person who is living in under urban facilities is looking for some energy efficient concepts that could help in saving energy. Therefore, the roofs which are designed on energy efficiency concept and help in keeping the home cool during high summers have become a major preference. In case, you are planning to get an energy efficient roof for your home, your roofing company will call it a cool roof. This type of roof is made using metal tiles which are covered in a material that helps in resisting the heat from the sun by reflecting the rays. It not only helps in resisting the damage to the structure but also helps in reducing the temperature of the house with lesser absorption.

The Green Roofs

Just like some people believe in saving maximum money during the construction of their home, for some, it is never a concern as they want the best material which is good for their home as well as nature. The green roofs are designed using the solar panels which can help in saving energy and reducing the burden over other non-renewable energy resources. Moreover, the green roofs provide more protection with the use of composite materials like petroleum and asphalt without affecting the environment.   

The Concrete

Modern homes are very keen to have concrete roofs at home. This is because of the extreme finish and attractive look which one can get for their roof with the use of a concrete roof. Actually, the professional roofers use the concrete tiles to develop the floor which looks quite similar to shingles and asphalt made roof. However, the concrete roof is much more durable with greater compressive strength which helps in ensuring sturdy finish along with waterproofing.

The Lighter Shades

If you would have seen the concept on which most traditional homes were designed, you may notice that most of them are designed with the idea of a dark roof. However, with the change in trend, more and more people are opting for roofs which are lighter in color giving an ambient and clean appearance to home. Some of the most popular shades include soft greens, warm shades of blue, white, beige, etc.

The Designer Ideas

The coming months on 2019 would not be only about the colors and material, this year it would become very common to see the sight of designer roof styles which would be making it more fun to play with home decor. Most of the people who are looking forward to renovation plans prefer to go for those designs which are catchy but does not compromise on functionality and durability. Therefore, the designer ideas would be about adding textures and hues to your roof for making it a more complimenting part of your home’s structure.

The modern day roofing has become much more efficient and effective than it was ever before. We have a great reach for the resources and materials that can change the definition of roof construction without affecting the environment or bringing pressure on your bank account. So make sure you plan your decisions wisely with reliable Roofing Contractors in NYC. Have fun!

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