Profitable Marketing Strategies For Growth Of Your Business


Profitable Marketing Strategies For Growth Of Your Business

Marketing is an integral part of any business as it informs a target audience about your products or services. Customers need to understand how your product solves their needs, and marketing is the most effective way of communicating that value proposition.

Without marketing, a company can’t build long-lasting relations with customers or compete effectively with its rivals. Fortunately, the digital age provides a level playing field for small and medium businesses to compete with large retailers. Marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram make it easy for companies to achieve this feat. So which marketing strategies should companies use to enhance growth?

1.Leverage on Social Media Platforms

You can’t ignore the effect social media platforms have on marketing. Businesses can advertise new products, communicate with customers directly, and share information using social media platforms. In the advent of so many platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat), businesses need to choose a social media channel that connects them to their target audience.

For example, if your marketing efforts are based on photography, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are appropriate marketing platforms. Marketers using blog-based marketing strategies, on the other hand, should focus on channels like Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. Set Up Free Workshops

While digital marketing strategies are all the rage, marketers should focus on traditional methods too. Set up a free class or workshop related to your products and services at the local community college. Since people love learning and having new experiences, they are likely to show up. For example, a yoga instructor might offer classes like Yoga for Seniors, Men, Expectant moms, or other audiences that fit his/her product’s niche. Setting up a Retractable banner with additional information about the business also helps market your products.

3. Blogging

Digital marketing has become the primary means of reaching a vast audience, and it’s up to marketers to shift their focus here. Blogging is one effective way of wooing your clientele to your website, leading them to the products or services on sale. Research shows marketers using blogs receive 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Blogging is one tedious task, especially when they don’t know how to enhance visibility. Creating informative content does not cut it. It would help if you leveraged on authority domains to increase the reach and visibility of your blog.

Post your content on platforms like Medium or LinkedIn as the sites have large audiences. Use them to tell your entrepreneurial journey, talking about your challenges and successes. Also, consider answering questions on Reddit and Quora.

4. Update Old Content

If you already have a blog, but it has been dormant for some time, it’s time you revived the old content with some fresh ideas. Tools like Screaming Frog and Google Analytics should help you identify blog posts that have not been viewed for the last 3-4 years. Sort them into different topics and review each blog post to determine those that need to be updated or trashed. This way, you can quickly identify and focus on creating evergreen content.

5. List Your Company on Google’s Business Listing

Google My Business is a platform customers use to search for companies using Google Maps. The platform is free to use hence the need to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategies. You only need to create a company profile by providing information such as the company’s physical location, contacts, and operating hours. Then, share your company’s photos and videos to make it easy for prospective customers to identify with your business. Also, consider exploring the insights on how customers can find your business online.

6. Create Videos

Videos have become a prevalent advertising medium compared to content marketing. Experts predict 92% of marketers will use video as part of their marketing strategy by the end of 2020, which is an increase from 78% in 2015.

The growth is primarily due to the increasing demand for video content among consumers. Research shows in 2021, the average internet user will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos.

As such, marketers continue to leverage on this newly found marketing medium to increase their ROI and customer reach. The secret is to create video content that displays products or services your target audience is interested in.

It would also be helpful to determine when and what your customers want to view as it influences video viewership. The length of the video is another essential factor that will affect customer receptiveness. During the last quarter of 2019, 66% of video adverts were thirty seconds long, which shows long ads are still useful.

7.  Leverage on Webinars

Hosting webinars that focus on specific topics is an invaluable marketing tool for acquiring new customers and retaining old ones. This is because webinars are a visual medium that enables marketers to connect with participants directly.

Besides, people grasp information faster through visual aids in comparison with written material. Initially, webinars were used as a lead generation tool that provided valuable information in a bid to persuade customers to upgrade to paid services.

Today marketers are using webinars as an aggressive marketing tool to:

  •         Demonstrate new products or services
  •         Showcase expertise in specific areas
  •         Expand content that has been published on a blog post

When creating a marketing webinar, include the company’s selling points to woo as many participants. If inviting speakers, highlight their expertise; it reassures the audience that the speaker is versed in the topic of discussion. Also, include endorsements, testimonials, and social share count to reassure attendees that the webinar is befitting, and you are the right person to contact.


These marketing strategies should help any business owner grow his business. Of course, none of the strategies promises to attract hordes of customers overnight. However, a good product and a mix of some of the strategies should yield gradual results. Be sure to use a strategy that allows you to connect with the audience. The idea is to show them how the product provides value. Being to sales can be off-putting to customers as they will assume you want to make a quick buck.


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