Learn Some Real-Life Lessons from FRIENDS


Learn Some Real-Life Lessons from FRIENDS

All these decades have made the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show even more popular. The show is just as funny and awesome as it was from 1994 to 2004. Though it was a TV show which revolved around six friends in their 20s and 30s, we literally lived the show. We could not help but long to have similar friends in our lives. The show was undoubtedly epic in all its form (especially in the genre of comedy), but only a few die-hard fans noticed some real-life lessons it offered throughout.

Here are 6 striking lessons F.R.I.E.N.D.S. taught us in its 10 seasons.

Rejection is a phase that will pass-

Joey Tribbiani, one of our favorite characters, taught us more than we could expect from him. You might have ordered some t-shirt dresses online with Joey’s expressions printed on it. Despite the charms and good looks, he constantly gets rejected by girls. On the other hand, his career seems to be going down the hill. He auditioned n number of times and got rejected. He was even fired from his best role. But what did this foodie teach us? That rejection is a phase and you must never lose hope! He kept going and continued until he was there for good.

Happiness is a choice-

Phoebe Buffay had nothing but traumas in her childhood. Her mom committed suicide, she lived on the streets of the city, failed at multiple relationships until she was 30 years old, became a surrogate mother to her brother’s triplets, discovered that her biological mother isn’t who she actually is, and broke up with the love of her life. You would expect such a character to be devastated and depressed. But Phoebe is the bubbliest and quirkiest character in the show. She knows how to send positive vibes to the people around her even when she is sad. And shall we get started with her absurd songs? She definitely taught us that you get to choose to be happy in life, regardless of the situation.

Life is what you make it-

Rachel Green was a rich spoilt brat who turned out to be an empowered woman, prioritizing the important people in her life. She could have decided to go back to her comfort zone and lived her privileged life. But life turned when she chose the other way, lived with her best friends, and had the cutest baby with the love of her life.

Even the best people cannot achieve perfection at times-

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with cleanliness and perfection. Monica Geller has always been a nagger if someone was not organized. She is extremely competitive who settles for nothing but the best in her life. But even she couldn’t attain perfection, be it with bad restaurant reviews or with a failed relationship with Richard. If she couldn’t do it, then it is high time to accept that things might not go as planned with everybody’s life all the time.

Falling in love with your best friend is probably the best things in life-

If you don’t own t-shirts for women with Chandler’s sarcastic quotes on them, you are not a hardcore fan of this show. Chandler was always socially awkward with girls and was stuck with his annoying girlfriend (OH. MY. GOD.)! He was also stuck in the same boring job for many years. But everything changed when this king of sarcasm fell in love with his best friend. Both of them brought out the best in each other and lived a life some of us can only dream about.

Never give up on your true love-

You would expect a person who has gone through three marriages and consequent divorces to have given up on love. Ross Geller loved Rachel all his life, starting from high school. It took him decades to work things out, but we all can agree that it was worth it. This hopeless romantic never gave up on love and seeing him reminds us that there is hope for us after all.

These were some handpicked life lessons our favorite show has been teaching us behind all that laughter. We all miss Central Perk and if you do too, you can consider buying F.R.I.E.N.D.S. t-shirts dresses for women from popular portals like Baefikre.

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