How to Protect Your Motor Repair Business in 2021


How to Protect Your Motor Repair Business in 2021

This has been a tough year for all businesses – but those which tend to deal with cars have been struck particularly badly, seeing as fewer people have been on the roads, fewer cars have needed repairing, and fewer people have the cash to invest in their vehicles than in 2019. As we look forward to next year, then, this article takes a look at three highly important pillars of your business protection if you’re a mechanic within a motor repair business – ensuring your firm survives and thrives in 2021.


When you’re working with expensive vehicles and the machines you use to fix them, you’ll be aware that there’s plenty of money on the line if machine malfunctions or breaks, or if you make a mistake and accidentally cause damage to a vehicle that’s been left in your hands. Such mistakes and accidents happen – and you need insurance to protect your business from them.

Lookup a new motor trade insurance quote to understand what kind of policies are available to protect you and your firm from being sued, or from having to pay over the odds to replace a machine or a part of a car that you damage. And be careful to buy the right insurance policy to cover all of your workers and all of the work that you do in your firm.


The other side of your protection from costly fines and fees is to have access to a lawyer. Here, you’ll be looking specifically for a lawyer who has experience in working with small businesses like your own. You’ll not have to pay this lawyer a weekly or monthly stipend – you’ll just be able to turn to them for advice when the going gets tough.

For instance, if you get embroiled in a disagreement with a customer over the condition of their vehicle, it’s to a lawyer who you can turn to help you understand your legal obligations and the way that your dispute might work out in court. You’ll be far better off accessing the knowledge and know-how of your own lawyer.

Savings and Investments

With the future looking increasingly bright following the announcement of vaccines against the coronavirus, there’s a sense that the world is soon to get back to normal. This is great news for businesses that have been unable to invest in their firms or to make the kinds of savings they need to expand, develop and grow.

So, with 2021 on the horizon and a mass vaccination schedule yet to be announced, this is the time for tentative investments in the parts of your firm that need building back up after a year of under-investment and neglect. Make sure that you’re ready for business as usual in 2021, at maximum capacity, in order to profit from the bright economic future we have on the horizon.

There you have it: some important times to help you to protect your motor repair firm this winter and into 2021 – keeping your business above water at all times in the coming months.

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