How Diabetes is a Dangerous and Silent Disease


How Diabetes is a Dangerous and Silent Disease

Hello friends. Today we are going to talk about diabetes Disease And we all know how dangerous diabetes is and every 5th person in India has diabetes. Diabetes begins to cure humans from within, which causes many more diseases like heart attack, blindness, stroke, kidney failure, skin problems, and so on.
But the people of India are not aware of diabetes bacteria. Millions of people across the world are diagnosed with this disease when they are at its last stage. If we are aware of the symptoms of diabetes, then we can get it done before the time and we can avoid the sickness from this.

There are two types of Diabetes Disease.
1. In this, the body of the body stops insulin and they have to take insulin injections.
2. It is definitely necessary to make insulin in the body of the people, but our cells do not have any reaction to it. Most people in the world have type 2 diabetes.

symptoms of diabetes Disease.

  1. Feeling hungry and tired
  2. Feeling more thirsty
  3. Feeling more urination
  4. Mouth drying
  5. To be rubbish

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. It is also called the silent killer. Because the signs are not clear at all, neither does anyone understand quickly and the person ignores it. It is known when diabetes mellitus gets too much damage. If human beings know these symptoms from time to time, they can control their diabetes.

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