Google Officially Launches SDK Chromecast


Google Officially Launches SDK Chromecast



The kit for multimedia receiver allows developers integrate support for Android apps Chromecast in, iOS, Chrome OS and websites.

Google Officially Launches SDK Chromecast
Google Officially Launches SDK Chromecast


Google today officially released  the Software Development Kit ( SDK ) for Chromecast , digital multimedia receiver low cost (USD $ 35) from the Mountain View company.

The SDK is quite simple, it is not for building applications from scratch, but it is to integrate support for Chormecast applications for Android, iOS, Chrome OS or web pages. According to the folks at Google :


You have many options for displaying content in Chromecast.For simple multimedia applications you can use the default player that is capable of playing video content to HTML5, and you can also personalize it with your own style using CSS.

For applications without audiovisual material, or for greater choice and flexibility, you can create your own receiving application using standard web technologies. Receiving a custom app can create virtually any application including support for many protocols such as MPEG-DASH streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming or HLS.

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