Facebook experimented with “host chat”


Facebook experimented with “host chat”


Facebook experimented with "host chat"
Facebook experimented with “host chat”


What were the times: The good old chat rooms from AOL and Chat City time made ??it possible to chat with strangers to fib a little on his identity (keyword: ASL ) and the time to sell yourself. The 90s may be over, but Facebook just experimented with a chat room – but the identity remains your own Facebook profile.

Details and the concept can still change

As so often has a long mean anything an experiment: From single details up to the rough concept, many things can change. And of course it is not impossible that Facebook’s idea again buries a whimper. But the thing has potential.

In addition to the options “Status” and “Photos / Videos” would see a third tab called “host chat”. Clicking on it will open a new chat window and off you go. The initiator can invite friends to – in principle as the current group chat.

Chat host will be posted in the news feed

In contrast to the group chat host chat but posted in News Feed – everyone has the desire to participate. Of course you can also mess around on the privacy settings so that certain people can not get in, but in principle the host chat is open to friends or friends friends. It is also conceivable that the chat host is fully accessible to the public, similar to that present in a group chat.

So far, the experiment is based chat to text only, and is available in the browser version.However, it is obvious that also photos, videos and Facebook Emoji are integrated and can be the chat also called mobile.


Facebook experimented with "host chat"
Facebook experimented with “host chat”


Longer residence time, more data

A chat feature would certainly be an asset to Facebook because you would invite the users to stay longer on the platform. Almost incidentally, the network could also gather more data on the relationship between friends and their circle of friends.

The users in turn would have the opportunity to meet new people casually along the lines of “social discovery apps” like Badoo and Tagged. Also, you would continue to profile the struggle for messaging services: Google Hangouts is basically the direct counterpart to Host Facebook Chat. Even Twitter can also be seen to a lesser extent as an open chat room where like-minded people together to discuss various topics.

Especially at social events such as the FIFA World Cup next year I can well imagine that a corresponding feature used and powerful would discussed whether the foul was now elfmeter worthy or not.

New options for celebrities and brands

As I said: It is still completely open, which is from the experiment, but the reason I like that idea, then it is easy to extend: So you could even make Twitter competition in conjunction with the newly introduced hashtags.

Google Hangouts is the video chat with Angela Merkel or the adidas video conferenceshown between Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Mertesacker and Mueller also what everything is still possible. Here it is soon to tie.

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