Update JellyBeans Or Gingerbread With Simple App


Update JellyBeans Or Gingerbread With Simple App



android Install ICS On JellybBeans Or Gingerbread With Simple App


Do you have a smartphone Gingerbread or ICS and know that it will not be upgraded to Jelly Bean? 

Never fear, if you want to get Android 4.2 ICS on or gingerbread, Today I will reveal how to Install ICS On JellyBeans Or Gingerbread With Simple App on old devices. To make the Operating system of your device as equal as possible to JellyBeans, you must first think about what going to change. Obviously the parts that are seen more as the status bar and the launcher . Here are the best apps to make your device look like a smartphone with jelly beans.


Let’s start from the launcher:

The application in question is Jelly Bean Launcher , very good launcher that brings on our device the appearance of Android 4.2. ‘s what we offer:

  • Home screen gesture
  • Auto cleaning the cache
  • Tons of settings and features
  • Widgets official Android 4.2, as the search bar, the orolgio, indiatori and page wallpapers
  • Hide whether you want the name of the app in the app drawer and home
  • Supports static and live wallpapers resizable Widgets And much more!

With this app no ??
One will notice that you do not have jelly beans. In fact, this launcher perfectly replaces the original android 4.2.
But it still is not over. In fact, if you look carefully, you will notice that it is not jelly beans. Why? Simple, because the status bar we have not changed! Here is the app we were looking for: We are talking about Jelly Bean Theme OSB , excellent app that will make your status bar equal to that of Android 4.2. To install it, here’s how we Do;-)

1. Install this application from this link: omega status bar.
2. Download Jelly Bean OSB Theme.
3. Open the app, click on “apply theme.
4. In the settings menu Omega, choose the themes tab.
5. Click select and choose JellyBean Omega theme.
6. Finished! 

This application features a huge customization. We can choose what to display and in what order and there are all the icons on the original jelly beans. If you have a nice mix of these two apps, here is how will your device:

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