Choose the Best Watch – Tips You Need to Know


Choose the Best Watch – Tips You Need to Know

Watch is certainly an important accessory in everyone’s fashion without which no one is completely dressed for any place whether it is for office or party. Watch is not only used for seeing the time but is a valuable part of one’s fashion. There are various types of watches such as a mechanical watch, automatic watch, quartz watch, etc. available in the market. But you should wear such a watch which matches your personality and occasion and place where you are going after wearing this.

Since there are thousands of attractive model available in the market, therefore, it is very important to check the pros and cons of each watch before buying it. Thus before purchasing the best pilot watch, it is very important to check the following factors:

  • Determining the reason for buying the watch:

In the market, you will get hundreds of different types of watches. Though all watches are mainly used to see the time of day but still can perform some different function as well. For example, the luxury watch that you generally wear suits or formals has different functions than that of the athletic watch that you mostly use at the time of running or playing any other games. So, it is very important to know for what purpose you are buying the watch and on the basis that you have to choose your perfect watch.

  • Choosing the appearance of the watch:

You will get a huge variety of watch in the market that is made of various metals and materials. Watches can be made up of gold, silver, rose gold, platinum, or titanium. Some watches are also made up of plastic which are less durable than that of the metallic watch. Watches also come in various shapes such as circle, square, and hexagon. Generally, men’s watch has a diameter between 34 mm to 50 mm.

  • Choosing the function of watch:

There are mainly two types of watch – digital and analog watch. Some people prefer to use digital watch which is comfortable with the analog ones. Analog watches are generally more classic and traditional looks. Some analog watches have numbers for marking each hour whereas some only have symbols to mark each hour. Digital watches are mostly found at a lower price and generally, these types of watches are used with formal wear. Digital watches are mainly used as sports watches or smart watches.

  • Set the budget:

You can find a watch with a variety of price range. Before you choose the best watch for you it is very essential to determine how much you are going to spend on your watch. Based on that budget you can get a lot of variety of watch in the market. Generally, it is always recommended to avoid oversized watches which are mainly over 50 mm case diameters unless you are very tall and healthy. With the increased size of the watch, the price of the watch also increases.

  • Choose between mechanical and quartz watch:

Generally, you will get two types of watch and they are mechanical and quartz. These types of watch generally determine the engine of the watch which actually gives the watch the power to function. However, both the category comes up with automatic and manual functions. The difference between the automatic and manual function of the watch is that in case of the manual watch, you need to rewind the watch daily whereas in an automatic watch, it is never required to rewind.  Generally, it is seen that the quartz watch comes up with a variety of price range but are generally found in the range from $ 50 to $ 500. But mechanical watches are usually costly and require higher maintenance cost. These types of watch generally cost over $ 1000.

  • Check the extra features:

Along with time, watches of today come up with various additional features. Some of the common features that are found in the watch of today’s generation are the timer, alarms, fitness tracking, illuminated face, smartwatch, water resistance, etc. Some watch comes up with metal bands which are generally called as bracelets. In the market, you can also find bands that are made up of plastic or leather. But metal bands are more durable as compared to that of leather or plastic band watches. However, both types of watch bands are popular in the market. So you can choose as per your necessity and choice.

  • Look at the retailer authorization:

Before you purchase your watch, it is also very essential to look at whether the retailer is authorized or not. The most reputed brands of the watch are Rolex, TAG Heuer, Titan, etc. and they all have authorized dealers. If you are going to purchase a luxury watch then you must have a branded watch and must go to their authorized dealer for purchasing it. You will get the address of their authorized dealer on their website. Purchasing watches from an authorized dealer ensures you good quality. Sometimes it found that local retailers sell duplicate watches that look like original branded watches, therefore, you have to ensure that you are visiting an authorized retailer.

  • Check the warranty period:

The warranty period of the watch is another important factor to consider before you choose a watch for you or for someone else. The watch can break at any point of time and it may require a huge cost to repair. Generally, different brands of the watch come up with different warranty policies. Some brand provides the warranty period for 6 months and some for 1 year or more. You should always go for those brand which gives a longer period of warranty.

If you are thinking to buy a pilot watch then consider above check-points to ensure you are buying the best pilot watch.

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